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Monday, January 30, 2023

CMMU extends admission period for MM in Thai-International programs, until 16 Feb 2022

The College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU) has extended the admission period for a Master’s degree, both Thai and International programs, from today until 16 February 2022. 

The first term will begin during May 2022, which learning methods will be adjusted according to the Covid-19 situation and measures. Even though currently, the learning method has been adjusted to 100% online, but students still receive intensive curriculum directly from expert faculty members from both Thai and foreign lecturers. There are also guest speakers who share and exchange their experiences with students to enhance students’ management skills in the business world and further extend their careers. Plus, not to worry! If your English test score is not up to the standard English proficiency score, you can apply using the English Proficiency Test score. Class schedules set are suitable for people who study and work simultaneously. Additionally, CMMU also provides scholarships for a Master’s degree.

Interested Mater’s degree applicants can apply now at https://apply.cm.mahidol.ac.th/web/ For more information, please email us at cmadmission@mahidol.ac.th, Facebook Fan

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