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CMMU unveils new trend in 2022, “Bragger Marketing” – Thai society likes humble bragger Gen Z who earn 15K-25K triumphs brag-review-share social champion, Winner goes to luxury brand brag content

The College of Management, Mahidol University (CMMU) reports on the hottest marketing trends for the year 2022, the year of “BRAGGER MARKETING”. 

Research data found insights to penetrate the bragging behavior of the new generation, to create a marketing strategy that breaks the rules of bragging to be tactical, creates a positive effect on consuming behavior leading to business expansion and promoting the brand – attracting more consumers. The research data found that bragging is divided into two main forms: BRAGGER and HUMBLE BRAGGER. Consumers favor experienced influencers to review and recommend products and services in a humble way, which has received a good response of 70.5%, while for the general public a serious way of bragging is preferred with 51.2% positive feedback. Also giving out advice to marketers, business owners, brand builders, and those who want to be a new influencer on strategies and communication styles. The first three contents people like to brag about are 1. Luxury brand, 2. Service, and 3. Daily lifestyle. The top three things people post and share the most are travel 33%, food 25.5%, and restaurants or coffee shops 19.2%.

Assistant Professor Dr Boonying Kongarchapatara, Head of Marketing Program, College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU), stated that CMMU has conducted a quantitative survey and analyzed the research data on “BRAGGER MARKETING” to study the attitudes and important variables that influence the brag behavior of consumers. While in the business sector on how to attract consumers making them want to leave a positive comment, as well as being able to change to meet the need of the consumer to seek strategies that can support or create business opportunities to survive. As in the previous cases of brags or popular campaigns on social media, such as the Falling Stars Challenge event, #amusthave, or the latest review of the Pimry Pie random box by surveying the target group, totalling 810 people, divided into 1. 750 online inquiries of female 62.7%, male 24.7%, and LGBTQ+ 12.6%; divided by the generation of Baby Boomer 2.9%, Gen X 11.2%, Gen Y 66.8%, and Gen Z 19%.  2. In-depth interviews of 60 people of 48 females, 11 males and 1 LGBTQ+, mostly Gen Y. The research data is useful to marketers, brand builders, business owners, and new influencers as follows:

There are two types of bragging: BRAGGER, which is characterized by bragging to the world that we are bragging, and HUMBLE BRAGGER, which is characterized by bragging that we are not bragging. The sample study of BRAGGER behavioral found that people who felt insecure tend to ‘brag’ about their status than those who feel secure. There are case studies from research to support this, such as small international airports often referred themselves as International Airport’ in advertising, or someone who graduated from an Ivy League university like Harvard often said to have graduated from a university in the ‘ Ivy League’ rather than directly mentioned by the university’s name. While the sample study of HUMBLE BRAGGER behavioral discovered that most people have modesty bragging about their daily lives, both males and females with similar proportions. The male has a modest showdown than the female, but humble braggers are not very popular within the general public and was seen as having little talent because it looks insincere. However, it was found that Thai society tends to like HUMBLE BRAGGER more and although most Thai people are considerate of others, a force for pride are hidden deep within the mind. This is derived from a part of 2 personality types as follows: 1. Self-Presentation – people who try to present themselves and take control over how others can see and be impressed and 2. Self Esteem – people who respect and see their self-worth, are confident and believe in what they do, therefore, often post publicly showing others that what they do is good, admirable, without a second thought.

Asst Prof Dr Boonying continued the analysis of research data on which types of Bragging are effective for marketing. It was found that consumers favor experienced influencers or KOLs who reviews and recommend products recommendation and services as a HUMBLE BRAGGER.  If the reviews are made by common people, consumers tend to prefer the BRAGGER method. When studying the style of bragging favored by Thai consumers comparing the sharing about the service and the product, it was found that the consumers preferred the BRAGGER style for sharing about the services of 51.2%, while only 48.8% for HUMBLE BRAGGER style. On the other hand, for the sharing about the product, if it’s a BRAGGER, such as a picture of a luxury brand product with a visible logo, the consumers’ feedback is 29.5% less than HUMBLE BRAGGER which received 70.5%, such as a photo of a coffee mug with an unintentional placement of luxury brand bags on the side posted on Instagram. In addition, bragging leads to reviews or sharing online in the form of e-WOM or word of mouth, which has strong influence power that can stimulate Purchase Intention. People with an income of more than 100,000 baht are more likely to have higher purchasing behavior than other income levels.

In summary, the overall research findings of Bragger found that 1. LGBTQ+ people are more likely to brag more than other genders; 2. Gen Z tends to brag more than other Gens because they were born in the age of the internet and technology with proficient in accessing technology with ease and have behaviors in socializing through social media, websites, more than other generations; 3. Income level 15,000 – 25,000 baht tends to brag more than other income levels with a comment such as “To save money and buy it is not easy. When I get it, I want to show it. I want to let people see that I have it;” and 4. Those who like to express themselves (Self-Presentation) are more likely to flourish with a comment such as “If I receive a gift from a famous brand, I will definitely post it. I want people to see, I want to be the center of attention.” The most popular channel that people use to brag is Instagram because it uses lifestyle posts such as where did you eat today? where to have coffee? how to dress? what is your favorite restaurant? Also, Instagram is an easy-to-use platform with not much text and there are many formats to use, post photos or videos in a short period of 24 hours like IG Story. The top 3 contents people like to brag about are 1. Luxury brand products 2. Impressive service, and 3. Daily lifestyle – Take a photo of where they are, what they eat, and a picture of themselves, and an emoticon is often put instead of captions. On the other hand, an overview of research on Post & Share online found that: 1. the LGBTQ + is likely to review or share other than other genders with the opinion that “Most of them choose to go in the form of services more because we are impressed, especially if the service is on point, we are pleased to share about it,” 2. Gen Z is more likely to review or share than other Gens, 3. Income level 15,000 – 25,000 baht is more likely to review or share than other income levels, and 4. People with Self Esteem is more likely to review or share. The things that people like to post and share the most are travel 33%, food 25.5%, restaurants and coffee shops 19.2%, general news 10.8%, technology 4.8%, and investment 4%,” Asst. Prof. Dr Boonying concluded.

Ms Atchara Rujirapong, a Master student at the College of Management, Mahidol University, and Head of the research team, added that the research results of “BRAGGER MARKETING” gave a marketing strategy that is divided into steps, as follows: 1. Awareness – selection of influencers and KOL, design premium service design to be special and unique, recommendation of clicking Like and Share the page to redeem the discount because it is difficult to attract customers to stay all the time. 2. Engagement – design Theme Concept to create a photogenic and memorable atmosphere, organize activities according to what is trending or in accordance with various festivals, and be very careful since people tend to not want to participate in activities if the chances of receiving a prize are low. 3. Loyalty – give a special gift to loyal customers to stimulate e-WOM with special privileges for premium customers.

In addition, the research team has invented BRAG STRATEGY” to create business opportunities in 2022 with recommendations for marketers, business owners and influencers. The details are as follows.

  • B: Brandname – a strategy to attract luxury brand lovers: consumers want to brag luxury brand products because it is a high-priced product, which is often used as a symbol of social status, such as cars, food, boyfriends and current business, with the intention to show people the current activity. The strategies recommended for luxury brand businesses are as follows: 1. Choose influencers and KOLs that have a suitable image for the product and target groups, 2. Present value proposition, and 3. Use communication methods that reflect success in life for important customers to encourage word-of-mouth or sharing.
  • R: Restaurant – creates an impressive moment, take pictures to brag and record memories: consumers love to share their happy times. The strategies recommended for restaurant businesses are as follows: 1. Have a beautiful menu and decoration for customers to be able to take photos and post to social media, 2. Make it exclusive or limited, 3. Always maintain a high standard, and 4. Be certified by a reputable institution, but be careful to use the strategy of like or share the page to redeem the discount because this method is unable to attract customers to stay with the brand all the time.
  • A: Accommodation – impressive service accommodation, a must to brag-review-share: consumers often brag or tell when they are well served by their accommodation. In other words, it’s an act of power. It indicates a superior social status. They may not be able to come to this accommodation often, therefore, they take beautiful photos with changes of clothing. People often search for references of photos taken at the place prior to checking in. The strategies recommended for accommodation businesses or hotel businesses are as follows: 1. Have photo spots according to various festival themes, 2. Organize activities according to what is trending, 3. Provide special privileges for premium customers with special services, and 4. Pay attention to reviews on Travel Booking Platforms. Examples of successful businesses are The Peninsula Hotel, New Year’s Countdown Fireworks Festival at ICONSIAM, etc.
  • G: Gym – good shape bragging from own efforts: brag to make themselves look good in the eyes of others. Make themselves stylish or unique with a good shape obtained from one’s efforts. Examples of successful businesses are Fitness First, crazy coaches, or celebrities like Gypsy Keerati Bebe Thanchanok. The strategies recommended for gym businesses are as follows: 1. Always keep up with business-related trends and get involved with the trend all the time. 2. Create fitness trends, which Fitness may create challenges to get viral on social media, but remember that if the activity is too difficult, people will not want to participate because there is less chance of success.

However, when studying the bragger market research, it was found that Thai consumers do not want to brag about what business wants to brag about, including current trend activities because it made them feel as if they are the victim of marketing. When there are so many trending activities, consumers feel exhausted from following every activity, including activities that are not interesting enough, Achara concluded.

Find out more information at The College of Management University (CMMU), Telephone: 02-206-2000 or Facebook pages: CMMU Mahidol (https://www.facebook.com/CMMUMAHIDOL) and Bragger Marketing
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BraggerMarketing. To apply for admission for the Master Degree in Management (Thai or International Programs),  please apply now from Today – 24 January 2022 at https://apply.cm.mahidol.ac.th/web/

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