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Cooking on Holiday – Sustainable Hotels with Cooking Courses

Meals can often remind us of certain places or people. The cake our grandma baked for our birthday or the spices which bring us back to that small beach restaurant in Thailand. Travelling to other regions or countries is an excellent way to get to know culinary specialities and also to try something completely new yourself. Some Green Pearls® partners offer the opportunity to take an in-house cooking course and learn regional (cooking) traditions for lasting holiday memories. Read on to discover more:

Allgäu Mountains: Ayurvedic cooking for individual well-being

The Hubertus Mountain Refugio Allgäu in Balderschwang invites all cooking fans to weekly cooking classes with Food-Coach and Ayurveda Chef Gabriel Simon-Pinero. As a child, Gabriel travelled the world – Latin America, North Africa, Spain, Italy and the South of France. From each region he brought back culinary knowledge and experience. For the Mexican native, nutrition is a wonderful way to do something for body and soul! With great passion and enthusiasm, he teaches guests about Ayurvedic cuisine and the power of spices and herbs. Each course has a different theme, such as spice lore, sauces of the world or coffee making. More information about the courses is available here.

Get to know the cuisine and culture of the Maldives

At the Gili Lankanfushi in the Maldives, guests can learn how to prepare a traditional Maldivian fish curry or tempura and sushi. While the kitchen team of the eco-luxury resort takes care of the basic preparations in advance, the course participants receive lessons from top professionals during the Gili cooking events and learn everything they need to know about the ingredients used and preparation methods. Then they stir, mix and cook together! And at the end, a delicious meal is enjoyed. Cooking in Gili is a colourful event with exotic fruits and herbs, exciting scents and impressive craftsmanship. Which 5* resort lets guests look so closely behind the kitchen scenes!

Ancient wheat, sourdough and traditions – the fine art of baking bread

High-quality ingredients, centuries-old preparation methods and regional specialities can make bread something very unique and special. In times of automated quick-bake machines and bakery chains, unfortunately these qualities are very often pushed into the background. Fortunately, traditional bread baking has been kept alive, especially in the countryside. Three of our Green Pearls® partners have decided to share their knowledge beyond the region and put fresh loaves of bread in the oven together with their guests.

At the Naturhotel Outside, Chef Sepp personally shows guests how to prepare aromatic, home-baked bread. The secret of the old family recipe: ancient wheat from East Tyrol. This is rolled, seasoned and kneaded, just as the Ganzer family has been doing for generations. As a “treat”, the participants of the baking course each take home two loaves of the freshly baked fragrant bread!

Sourdough is the guest of honour at the bread baking courses at Biohotel Sturm in the Rhön. At the baking event with Barbara, guests learn everything there is to know about baking with sourdough in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. During the course, guests prepare their own which is then baked in the wood-burning oven. The crust becomes perfectly crisp – a “Rhöner Plotz” that you’ve prepared yourself – and so delicious that usually only a small piece survives the journey at home!

Bread baking is also a beloved tradition and a labour of love at the Biohotel Grafenast. In winter, the schedule is weekly, and in summer, according to demand. The little ones are also welcome to lend a hand and proudly present their home-baked loaf of bread afterwards. The joint activity strengthens awareness and appreciation for the staple food and its preparation.

Cooking course in Thailand: The right choice of ingredients and a little something ‘extra’

Thai cuisine is known for its use of fragrant herbs and spices. The art of creating culinary delights through the careful blend of ingredients is mastered to perfection by the chefs at Tongsai Bay. And they are very happy to pass on their know-how to their guests! A cooking workshop at the resort usually starts with a visit to the hotel’s garden. Here, the cooking professionals explain the various uses of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices and show which ingredients can be freshly harvested for the upcoming cooking session. Back in the kitchen, participants learn how to make their own curry paste. The chef himself guides guests step by step through the preparation of a 4-course meal, including a curry – using the curry paste they just made themselves. The most important thing that the Thai cooking professionals teach their students: The perfect ratio of spices, salt, acid and sweet. Once everything is ready, it’s time to enjoy!

It is also possible to book a private cooking lesson. An additional guest is then most welcome to join and enjoy the meal.

“Only those who enjoy remain enjoyable” is the motto at the Forelle am Weissensee

The family-run hotel on the Carinthian Lake Weissensee is a paradise for foodies. Three generations look after the well-being of their guests, and together they have made the Forelle one of the greenest hotels in Carinthia. Hannes Müller takes care of their physical well-being in his award-winning restaurant. Here, too, everything is sustainable. For example, the Forelle has been doing without imported goods for around 13 years. Instead, they only use what is available regionally, and according to the season.

For his guests, Hannes Müller always conjures up fresh, regional, high-quality dishes, tantalizingly prepared and artfully combined, using what the lake, forest, fields and meadows have to offer. There are probably only a few people who know the local product landscape around Lake Weissensee so well – and how fortunate we are that Hannes Müller and his team are happy to pass on this wealth of knowledge on to their guests! Various course styles can be combined with a wellness holiday at Lake Weissensee:

Day Cooking Courses:

Bookable for 5 people or more and subject to availability. Cooking takes place in the afternoon, topic and price on request (Topics for example ‘Young Vegetables & Fish’, ‘Winter Aromas’, ‘Autumn Harvest Time’)das habe ich selbst noch zugefügt und übersetzt, Bitte ändern, wenn falsch)

May – the Month of Herbs:

Herb hike & preparation with Gertrude Wastian, approx. 2h.
From 9 May, dates on request
EUR 15.00 per person


Summer Cocktail Days (Friday, 17 June 2022, 6:30 p.m):

A unique cocktail-food pairing menu as part of the Weissensee Cocktail Days.
EUR 120.00 p.p. Menu with cocktail accompaniment

Farmer & Chef (Saturday, 8 October 2022, 2:30 p.m):

A very special harvest festival
“Walking Dinner” – walking tour with optional stops at refreshment and enjoyment stations from chefs & farmers, vintners & brewers along the trail. Afterwards, a joint menu will be served at the Forelle.
EURO 160.00 per person

Cooking Workshop Days (9 to 14 October 2022):

4-day cooking workshop all about autumn cuisine, preserves for the cold season, fish cooking methods, 3-course autumn menu, curd cheese and its processing possibilities.

More information on the courses and workshop styles can be found on the respective hotel website or on www.greenpearls.com.

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