Hyatt Regency Hua Hin and THE BARAI is caring for your wellbeing


At Hyatt Regency Hua Hin and THE BARAI, caring for the wellbeing of our guests and colleagues remains a commitment.  As we welcome you back, you can rest assured that we are taking precautionary measures in an effort to maintain a safe environment for our guests and colleagues.?

As we continue to employ additional safety measures, for now, we would like to share some information about our HY-giene program, which includes enhanced sanitisation and operational protocols across all areas of our hotel. These include the following:

On Arrival

  • Mobile Entry System (optional) – Guests may use their mobile phone as a room key to unlock their guestroom door, thereby minimizing touch.
  • Newly arrived guests receive a temperature scan to ensure they are not running a fever.
  • Acrylic protective screens have been installed in the Lobby?s Reception as barriers.
  • A social distance of at least two metres between staff and guests must be maintained across all hotel public areas.
  • Pens and key cards are sanitized, masks are worn by associates, counters are regularly disinfected and hand sanitizers are available for guest use.


  • High-touch areas are sanitised using a high-grade disinfectant.
  • Air filters are cleaned more often.
  • Complimentary hand sanitizers are available by calling the front desk.
  • Alcohol wipes are provided in amenities.

Public Area Sanitisation Measures

  • Frequently cleaning high-touch areas and disinfecting surfaces every two hours is vital to help combat the spread of viruses.
  • Hand sanitizers have been placed throughout the hotel?s public areas, high-touch areas

Food and Beverage

  • Implementation of a comprehensive food safety management system
  • Assurance of food safety through our HACCP certification, a globally recognized and independently audited food safety management system
  • Sanitisation of tables, chairs, condiment holders and menus before seating guests
  • Placement of cutlery inside napkins
  • Use of a mask and gloves by all associates when preparing meals and plating dishes
  • Alcohol wipes for guests’ use
  • Acrylic protective screens at all live cooking stations


  • A social distance of 1.5 meters is maintained between staff and guests.
    Staff are always required to wear mask.
  • Guests are required to shower before treatments.
  • The therapist is required to measure her temperature in front of guests.
  • A maximum of two guests are allowed into the steam and sauna rooms 30 minutes before treatment. Reservations for the steam and sauna rooms must be made one hour in advance.
  • Treatment rooms are sanitized immediately and thoroughly after every guest visit.

Guest activities

  • Social distancing must be practiced when using gym equipment.
  • Only three guests are permitted inside the gym at any one time.

Lastly, we truly believe in responsible travel and remain committed to upholding the highest standards of hygiene so that our guests are able to enjoy their vacation without worrying.