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New Interactive Tool Reveals How Much Your Dream Private Island Will Cost You


Buying a private island, a secluded escape from the rat race is appealing to most and considered a luxury only for the rich and famous. However, Official eTA has analyzed private islands for sale across the world to reveal the true cost of buying your dream island. The research highlights just how affordable, or not in some cases, a slice of paradise is, as well as revealing the cost of each continent’s islands per acre. You can view the interactive campaign here.

The cost of buying a private island

The cheapest continent to purchase an island is in South America, where the average cost of an acre is £930 and the most expensive location in South America to purchase is in Chile.

Purchasing an island in Asia will certainly break the bank, with the continent ranking as the most expensive place to buy an island. Asia’s whopping price tag comes out at an average cost per acre of £254,267.

The cost per acre in each continent:

However, acquiring a private island is no longer exclusively for the rich and famous, as the findings show that some islands are a similar cost of a small 2 bedroom apartment in a cosmopolitan area. For example, the average cost of a house in London is £590,712.06, compared to the average cost per acre in Asia at £254,267.00, and even cheaper in North America at £19,062.00 on average per acre. The research reveals that for a small fortune you could escape city life and live the dream on your very own island and save money.

Jayne Forrester, Director of International Development at Official eTA comments:

“Our research reveals that a slice of your own paradise doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Acquiring your own island gives you the opportunity to build your own personal kingdom – a dream which is more achievable than anticipated as our research shows your own private island doesn’t have to cost a fortune. However, with such an array of secluded idyll islands to choose from, picking the perfect island makes for a challenging task,”