Stay Safe with Burasari


Ms. Lily Udomkunnatum, Managing Director of the Burasari Group—a Bangkok-based, award-winning hospitality and lifestyle brand with boutique hotel, wellness and restaurant properties in Thailand and Laos, PDR—announces a comprehensive lockdown exit and reopening strategy for all Burasari Group hotels beginning in May, 2020.

By being the first in the hospitality group to implementing an on-site Covid-19 Antibody testing to ensure each guest and employee is COVID-19 free and by introducing operational safety protocols in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Public Health and national directives, Ms. Lily’s bold strategy aims to find the best solutions on how to maintain and run a business in a post-COVID era in a safe and sustainable environment. Furthermore, with a determination, perseverance and adaptability, Burasari Group paves a path forward for the hospitality industry to bounce back from the impact of coronavirus.

Burasari Group properties have all remained COVID-free during the crisis, and staying COVID-free is at the forefront of the reopening strategy, putting into place robust prevention measures in accordance with WHO guidelines and the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand. Hotel team members will be provided with personal protective equipment and enhanced training designed to protect their well-being throughout the new cleaning process. “We have to learn and adjust to a new regime of health and safety concerns at all levels of the guest experience. It is a tremendous task, but it has to be done.” states Ms. Lily.

The specific actions include:

  1. On-site Covid-19 Antibody Testing
  • Every hotel guest, restaurant diner, visitors, staff and vendors will be required to take our onsite antibody testing.
  • Our Front Office staff will screen all check-in guests to ensure they have the proper physician-issued health documents, stating their health and movements in the past 14 days.
  • Each staff member will undergo testing on a monthly basis. Staff will wear a COVID-free sticker on their uniform.
  • Hotel vendors, suppliers and contractors, plus tour and transport providers visiting the hotel, will also be screened, tested and required to display their Covid-free stickers.
  • Face masks, thermometers and alcohol hand sanitizers to be made readily available for guests upon check-in.
  1. Delivering on the Promise of a “Stay Safe with Burasari”
  • As well as public health of industry best practices and guidelines that focus on enhanced hotel cleaning practices, social interactions, and workplace protocols to meet the new health and safety challenges presented by COVID-19.
  • In coordination with the rollout of these guidelines, we have implementing a series of mandatory virtual trainings for all hotels while providing additional resources like housekeeping checklists, which hotels are using with team members to ensure consistency and accountability in execution.
  • Starting with Shanghai Mansion by Burasari, Red Rose Chinese Restaurant and Jazz Lounge, and W22 Hotel, in China Town. All having received the COVID-19 Free Certificates from the Ministry of Public Health and have been listed in the top 150 hotels from 50,000 in Thailand to have received this.
  1. Social Distancing Measures in All Guest Areas
  • Proper social distancing will be strictly practiced in all areas of the hotel, to allow both guests and staff to move safely while maintaining the recommended social distancing protocols.
  • Specific measures include: (1) guests will be assigned alternate rooms, so no adjacent guest rooms are occupied; (2) a lift concierge will monitor lift occupancy so that the lift will only operate for one room at a time, with no sharing between different rooms or groups of guests; (3) In-hotel restaurants, tables will be placed 2 metres apart. Food ordering and serving will be done in a safe environment but will still be creative and fun, giving the sense of liveliness, regardless of social distancing.
  1. Engage with and Recommend Only Approved COVID-Free Business Partners
  • Burasari Group will provide a COVID-free Concierge Service to link Guests to Certified COVID-free Leisure and Business Partners, such as private tour companies, off-site cafés, theme parks, restaurants and transport services. At Burasari Phuket and Island Escape by Burasari, we will provide a map of government sanctioned COVID-free zones.
  1. Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection of Guestrooms and Public Spaces
  • Consistent use of Ecolab’s EPA-approved disinfectants in all hotel guestrooms and public spaces. The move is anticipated to help deliver an elevated and more consistent cleaning experience across the hotel group while providing our team members with access to Ecolab’s training and resources. All guest service staff and food handlers have to wear surgical masks and gloves on duty
  • Guest Common Areas: All common areas will be cleaned every 1 hour. High-use and high-touch areas, such as reception areas, public restrooms and door handles, handrails, staircases, lifts, lift buttons, light switches, taps, toilets, key cards, computers, pens and anything else that can be touched by hand will be cleaned every 15 minutes or after guest used. They have to be closely monitored.
  • In Room Cleaning: Housekeeping staff will be required to use protective masks and gloves when cleaning guest rooms and sorting linen. All rubbish in the room will be placed in a trash bag and sealed immediately. Antiseptic wipes and disinfecting cleaners will be used on all surfaces, furniture, telephone and light switches.
  • Kitchen & Culinary Protocols: The culinary team will wash and sanitize prep counters, plastic cutting boards, knives and all prep and cooking equipment after each use
  • Restaurant Protocols: Seating will comply with social distancing measures. Staff will clean and sanitize the tables, chairs and menu stands after each use. 
  1. Up-to-date Monitoring of Travel and Flight Advisories
  • Burasari Group’s management team will monitor all domestic and international travel and flight advisories to assist travellers with pre-booking and post-stay plans
  1. Consistent Communication & Resources
  • Guests will be provided information on our prevention measures and procedures at check-in. Notices will also be displayed in common areas and in-room.
  • Our hotel GM will assign an active response team to provide around-the-clock assistance to our hotels, guests and staff on any COVID-related matter
  • The latest press releases from Ministry of Public Health to be made available to any guest upon request
  • Advise guests to contact the Manager on Duty immediately if they feel unwell.

The first stage of tourism recovery will begin at the domestic level and then migrate into intra-regional travel, while other hotels will try to grab the same domestic markets, we have to practice a visible commitment to our guests, employees and the community at large. Being innovative, offering a compelling and radical proposition for our guests. Please follow our website see all our special promotions and updates at and our Facebook Fan Page at