Thais pass on positivity to the world at centralwOrld, as known as ‘Times Square of Asia’, to celebrate the New-Normal Countdown 2021

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Due to COVID-19, 2021 will mark the new page in the world’s history where countdown landmarks will be simultaneously transforming their events format including CentralWorldThailand’s most famous celebration landmark in the midst of Bangkok which has been named ‘Times Square of AsiaCentral Pattana plc., Thailand’s largest real estate and shopping center developer and CentralWorld’s operator, immediately takes full responsibility to society and the world, in coping with COVID-19, announcing that the countdown will be LIVE broadcast only, for the sake of the nation to get through this situation stronger together.

CentralWorld features one-of-a-kind highlight ‘A Symbol of Hope’, four-act fireworks show which also are digitally synchronized to combine audio and visual graphic art showing on the panOramix, the world’s longest digital screen, solidifying centralwOrld’s status as the greatest countdown landmark. These auspicious fireworks, inspired by the current global issue of COVID-19, lay the profound meanings and symbols which can be interpreted and composed into a story to create the unforgettable moments;

  • Act 1: Spirit of Togetherness: global togetherness is a powerful vaccine. Showcasing the spirit of people who stand in solidarity to weather through COVID-19 crisis.
  • Act 2: Believe in Positivity: sharing ‘mind power’ to keep up the fight together. Showcasing the power of positivity and to pass forward to others.
  • Act 3: Reunite Thailand & Our World: for us, for our nation, and for our world. Showcasing fireworks in red, white and blue — which are the colors of Thailand’s flag and the Siamese fighting fish, represent our graceful, powerful and our fighting spirit.
  • Act 4: There is Always Hope: hope is the fuel of life. Showcasing fireworks in various colors represent the diversity of people, with the emphasis on red, the color of the International Red Cross, to send our good thoughts to the healthcare workers who are on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19.

We believe that mankind is full of hope and unity and ready to join forces to overcome the crisis. Such is the inspiration of ‘A Symbol of Hope’ fireworks — an emblem from Thailand to reflect our positive energy towards the world stage.

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