Koh Samui holds emergency response drill to handle communicable disease

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All sectors in Koh Samui district joined the emergency response drill, held on the theme “Emergency Medicine, Toxins, Communicable Diseases and Quarantine”, to prepare for the arrival of the first batch of foreign tourists, who will stay at state quarantine facilities, in order to stimulate tourism.

Mr. Noppadon Khaolami, Senior Deputy Koh Samui District Chief and Mr. Nijjapat Piyapan, Vice President – Airport, Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited joined the opening ceremony of the emergency response drill at Samui Airport in Surat Thani province.

This emergency response drill simulated the situation of a passenger plane flying to Samui airport. During the flight, the captain was informed by the crew of one male passenger with a high fever, shivers, a cough and asthenia. In the simulation, this passenger had taken an antipyretic before boarding, so the relevant agency was informed of the case in accordance with the plan.

The medical team members wore personal protective clothing and transferred the passengers from the plane. Then, the medical team screened all the passengers by measuring their body temperatures and attached a sticker to identify the patients suspected of being infected with COVID-19. Low-risk passengers were removed from the aircraft first. Then, those thought to be infected were admitted to Koh Samui Hospital for observation and treatment.