You’ll never forget a day in the forest with the gentle giants of Koh Lanta.


the lush green jungle home of the residents of Following Giants in Koh Lanta you will immediately see why these beautiful creatures deserve to lead a peaceful life.

World Animal Protection partnered with Following Giants to create an environment where elephants can go about their day to day lives doing what they should be doing, just being elephants. But at the same time allowing visitors to walk in the footsteps of the elephants without disturbing them, hence creating a better understanding and connection. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Following Giants offers visitors a variety of activities that not only allows them to watch the elephants but also assist in replenishing their jungle food source, learn more about their habits and lives, and even get a bird’s eye view from the tree-house viewing platform.

One of the fun and fulfilling activities is taking part in the making and distribution of ‘seed bombs’. Our elephants have big appetites, so they need a constant supply of food, that’s where our ‘seed bombing’ activity comes in. You not only get to help make these seed-bombs you also get to distribute them throughout the jungle.

There are three resident elephants at  Following Giants – Sow, Jahn and Chok –  and they all love living their new lives in peace and harmony. All of them previously lived harsh lives in either logging camps or providing endless rides for tourists. But now they are free to simply live the idyllic lives they were born to live.

World Animal Protection’s mission is not only to provide a happier and more beneficial life for animals, but it also helps show local communities how they can change their business practices and still proved a profitable service to tourists and visitors. Following Giants is a key example of this mission.

When you visit Following Giants you are not only showing your support for the wonderful elephants who call this place home, but you are also encouraging the local community to embrace a more eco-friendly approach to tourism activities.