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Digital Transformation for Siriraj Hospital, Thailand’s largest public hospital

The Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University and global digital business DB Results Thailand have signed an OutSystems License renewal to continue a partnership that has to date delivered a significant digital transformation for Thailand’s largest and busiest hospital.

DB Results has leveraged its Agile Methodology coupled with Design Thinking to build efficiencies and streamline hospital processes. The OutSystems Low-Code platform was used to build solutions four to seven times faster than traditional development. The transformation will not only ease the burden for medical staff but also improve the patient experience.

In consultation with surgeons and department heads from Siriraj, DB Results designed and built technology solutions for better managing surgery and post-surgery processes as well as in pathology allocation services. The Pathology application was the first application undertaken and the initial working version was built in two weeks. With the help of pathology allocation, medical staff at Siriraj Hospital will have direct access to patient records digitally and improve hospital and patient management processes.
The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) digital transformation has replaced a post-surgery manual paper-based system, with digital streamlined processes, resulting in a better experience for surgery management as well as improving the patient surgery journey.
“We started our journey with Siriraj hospital with an MOU in 2020. The MOU’s principles and guidelines were to make a difference in healthcare services through innovation and technology with the OutSystems Low-Code platform in collaboration with the Siriraj Hospital team. We have followed these principles and guidelines with the implementation of the ‘Pathology system’ and ‘Enhanced Recovery After Surgery’ platform (ERAS),” said Gavin Bunshaw.

“We are excited to continue our partnership in helping Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University to make a positive difference in healthcare service for all Thai people.”

“Thank you, DB Results, we are happy and appreciate your help. We hope we can join each other and continue to develop more effective processes for use in the faculty of medicine,” Clin. Prof. Adune Ratanawichitrasin, Deputy Dean Department of Information Technology said at the virtual OutSystems License Renewal signing.

DB Results Thailand has also successfully trained Siriraj business analysts in Agile methodology and the development team in the utilisation of the OutSystems platform.

“Partnering with the number one hospital in Thailand has enabled us to combine the understanding of medical needs with speed to innovation technology using best of breed digital solutions,” Bunshaw said.

“Our purpose to HELP is perfectly aligned with Siriraj Hospital’s mission to provide world class-healthcare.”

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