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Direct From America, Real Estate Tycoon-Turned-Forbesbooks Author Andres Pira Officially Launch ‘Homeless To Billionaire’ In Thailand

Following its recently successful launch in New York City in April 2019, Forbesbooks author Andres Pira brings Amazon’s No. 1 Best Seller ‘Homeless To Billionaire: The 18 Principles of Wealth Attraction and Creating Unlimited Opportunity’ to officially launch in the land of Smiles.

Amazon’s No. 1 Best Seller ‘Homeless To Billionaire’ presents an adventure of an ordinary man-turned-tycoon Andres Pira and his 18 principles of attracting wealth, creating opportunity, to celebrating self-discovery. Inspired by his own massive life changes, Andres detailed his business journey from a telemarketer in Sweden, to being a homeless on Phuket’s beach, then becoming one of Thailand’s billionaires.

The Swedish Forbesbooks author bought a one-way ticket to Thailand at the age of 20 from a $2,000 inheritance from his grandfather. Miserable in Stockholm, he landed in Thailand with $100, no contacts, jobs, or knowledge of Thai language. He aimlessly made his way to Phuket to end up jobless and sleeping his life away on one of Phuket’s beautiful beaches. Too embarrassed to ask his family for help, he called a friend in Sweden to borrow money.

“I won’t give you any money, but I’ll give you a book,” said the friend. Both hungry and angry from the response, Andres belligerently read The Secret: The Law of Attraction on an empty stomach. The next day he set out to disprove the “law of attraction”, not that he had much else to do. Much to his surprise, the skeptic went on to become a true believer and the book changed his life in ways he could not imagine.

Following his mentors such as Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, and Bob Proctor, an aimless millennial adventurer decided to put his reading, self-taught principles, and the law of attraction into action. His business acumen continued innovating with his employees and clients, turning him into a well-round businessman full of case studies and powerful lessons.

What does it mean to attract greatness? For Andres, it’s the ability to manifest the law of attraction. Simples steps to attracting great wealth and unlimited opportunities start with implementing practical business principles to bring what you attract into a reality. It’s more than positive thinking, the book states, but the execution is what matters.

“‘Homeless To Billionaire’ is most relevant to Thais. The fact that an uneducated foreigner with all the barriers like myself can succeed and accumulate great wealth within this country, means there is hope for every person yet. I’ve spent years studying the habits, techniques, and mindsets of the wealthiest people before applying the principles to myself. If I can do it, you can do it, too,” quoted Mr. Andres Pira.

With foreword by Jack Canfield, ‘Homeless To Billionaire: The 18 Principles of Wealth Attraction and Creating Unlimited Opportunity’ is available now for 749 THB at Asiabooks airports and nationwide. Purchase here: https://www.asiabooks.com/homeless-to-bilionaire-the-18-principles-of-wealth-attraction-and-creating-unli-236824.html

“When I wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul, I had never imagined more than one million people would read my book. My prediction is that when one million people read Andres’s book, he won’t be surprised because he has learned to expect success. He’ll ask for success, believe it will happen, and see it achieved. What Andres has taught me, the Chicken Soup guy, is that if the teacher does their job right, it’s inevitable that the teacher becomes the student.” Jack Canfield, America’s Best Selling Author & co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul

“People who want proof that your mind can create reality need to read this inspiring book. Young Andres went from homeless to billionaire. His eighteen principles are brilliant. They work!” Bob Proctor, International best-selling author

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