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Discover Asia: Costa Cruises’ New 2025-26 Itineraries

Discover Asia on Costa Serena Cruises. Costa Cruises is set to revolutionize the winter travel experience with the introduction of two spectacular new 15-day itineraries aboard the Costa Serena. These itineraries offer a blend of cultural immersion and luxury in Asia. This major innovation, scheduled for winter 2025-26, brings a fresh perspective to cruise travel, perfectly tailored for adventurers and culture enthusiasts alike.

Embark on a Journey Through Japan

The first of Costa’s new itineraries invites travellers to explore Japan’s captivating landscapes and vibrant cities. From November 2025 to January 2026, guests can embark on a 15-day voyage that begins in Hong Kong and travels through Keelung (Taiwan), Naha (Japan), Kagoshima (Japan), Tokyo (Japan), Kobe (Japan), Nagasaki (Japan), and Busan (South Korea), before returning to Hong Kong.

This journey promises a deep dive into Japan’s rich cultural tapestry, featuring ceremonial traditions, golden temples, and serene Zen gardens. The itinerary is meticulously designed to blend the historical charm of Japan with the modern allure of its bustling cities, providing a comprehensive and unforgettable experience.

Discover the Wonders of Southeast Asia

The second itinerary offers an equally enchanting experience, traversing Southeast Asia’s diverse landscapes and cultures. Starting from Hong Kong, the Costa Serena will sail to Nha Trang (Vietnam), Phu My (Vietnam), Koh Samui (Thailand), Singapore, Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei), and Puerto Princesa (Philippines) before returning to Hong Kong.

Travellers will have the opportunity to marvel at the sprawling fields of Vietnam, explore the golden beaches and temples of Thailand, experience the futuristic skyline of Singapore, and delve into the rich natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Philippines and Brunei. This journey promises an immersive and diverse adventure through some of the region’s most iconic destinations.

Seamless Travel with the Fly&Cruise Formula

Costa Cruises’ innovative ‘fly&cruise’ formula ensures maximum convenience and comfort for its guests. Travelers can fly from major European cities directly to their embarkation points, allowing for a hassle-free start to their vacation. This approach streamlines travel logistics and enhances the overall cruise experience by providing seamless connectivity.

Combining Itineraries for an Epic Adventure

For those seeking an extended getaway, Costa Cruises offers the option to combine both itineraries into a single, magnificent 28-night journey. This combined voyage covers all 14 destinations, providing an unparalleled exploration of Asia. This extended itinerary is perfect for celebrating the end of 2025 and welcoming the New Year in style.

Flexible Booking Options

Understanding travellers’ diverse needs, Costa Cruises provides flexible booking options. Guests can choose to embark on the full 15-day itinerary or opt for a shorter, one-week segment of either journey. Additionally, they can extend their stays in various destinations by selecting preferred flight dates, adding a personalized touch to the travel experience.

A Revitalized Costa Serena

Before setting sail on these new Asian adventures, the Costa Serena will undergo significant renovations to enhance the onboard experience further. These upgrades aim to provide guests with the utmost comfort and luxury, ensuring their journey is as enjoyable as the destinations.

Book Your Adventure Today

Costa Cruises’ new Asian itineraries for winter 2025-26 are now available for booking. Travellers can secure their spot through travel agencies or the Costa Cruises website at www.costacruise.com. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the enchanting realms of Japan and Southeast Asia with Costa Cruises.

Costa Cruises continues to set the benchmark for luxury travel, offering unforgettable experiences that blend adventure, culture, and comfort. Embark on a journey of a lifetime and discover the wonders of Asia with Costa Cruises.

With Costa Cruises’ innovative itineraries and the luxurious Costa Serena, your next winter vacation promises to be an extraordinary journey through the heart of Asia. Book now and start planning your adventure!




Written by: Christine Nguyen







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