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Discover Italia: Italian Cuisine & Premium Ingredients at Tops

Il grande ritorno di ‘Discover Italia’! Prepared to be whisked away on a tantalising culinary adventure as Tops, a food business under Central Retail, proudly presents ‘Discover Italia’, an Italian food festival that showcases the excellence of Italian cuisine and its unique culinary culture. The event features an exclusive selection of over 1,600 premium food products and condiments, all sourced directly from Italy, offering customers a world-class gourmet experience. Reinforcing its position as a true leader in sourcing quality products from around the globe, the event runs from today until 25 June 2024 at participating Tops and Tops Food Hall branches.

Discover Italia captures the enchanting allure of Italy through stories of Italian products. Explore the finest imported foods and premium ingredients from all Italian regions, allowing customers to savour authentic Italian flavours and shop to their heart’s content, selecting from an impressive array of over 1,600 items. The event highlights exclusive products from six distinguished regions:

  • Campania — Dive into the world of Garofalo Lumaca Rigata, celebrated for its exceptional quality. Made from premium durum wheat semolina, certified as
    top-grade wheat with the PGI mark, it offers the authentic chewy texture of traditional Italian pasta. Also, discover Andrea Milano’s Organic Apple Cider, made from 100% organic ingredients, promising a healthy twist.
  • Emilia-Romagna — Revel in the silky smoothness of MUTTI’s Passata Di Pomodoro, crafted from top-tier tomatoes and ideal for any recipes. Additionally, enhance your culinary creations with Alce Nero’s Organic Balsamic Vinegar, known for its unique, aromatic profile.
  • Tuscany — Health enthusiasts, delight in BERTOLLI’s Olive Oil. Bursting with healthy fats and antioxidants, it transforms any meal into a special occasion.
  • Veneto — Treat yourself to VICENZOVO Ladyfingers, made from pasteurised eggs. These crispy, delectable biscuits are a hit with all ages. Also, enjoy Giovanni Rana’s Tortellini Cured with Ham and Cheese Filling, renowned for their freshness and perfect balance of flavours.
  • Piedmont — Savour FIORENTINI’s Organic Pops Pulses Mix, made from meticulously selected organic ingredients.
  • Puglia — Pasta lovers, rejoice with DIVELLA’s Spaghetti and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Their globally renowned spaghetti is lauded as the best-tasting pasta, while their olive oil, extracted from 100% pure olives, is a culinary gem.

Beyond these highlights, the event showcases an array of new and exclusive Italian products, available only at Tops. Discover the delightful variety of snacks like Loacker’s Mix of 7 Wonders, offering seven vibrant flavours in one bag, Matilde Vicenzi’s crispy, fragrant Puff Pastries with authentic Italian taste; Maestro Massimo’s Coated Cake filled with cocoa cream; and Balocco’s Biscuit Fresh Milk and Honey. Premium cheeses and cold cuts such as Latteria Soresina’s authentic Italian cheese, with a heritage of over 120 years and aged for over a year, including Grana Padano Cheese, known for its unique flavour and aroma, aged for at least nine months, also await you. There are plenty more products for customers to browse and enjoy, providing a delightful experience of flavours all’italiana autentica.

Experience the pinnacle of Italian gastronomy and shop for exceptional quality products without the need to travel all the way to Italy. Join us at ‘Discover Italia’, from today until 25 June 2024, at participating Tops and Tops Food Hall locations. For more information, visit www.tops.co.th, follow TopsThailand on Facebook, or connect with us via the LINE application @TopsThailand.

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