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Exo Makes Responsible Travel Choices Easy For Agents

Travelling responsibly has never been easier. There is now a brand new way for agents to choose and book responsible travel choices via EXO Travel’s website. 

This latest innovation comes at a critical point to help affect positive change through travel in face of climate change, mass tourism and other factors that are impacting destinations around the world. The new responsible travel rating system provides an important and transparent way for agents to assess, view, filter and select tours and experiences from a  responsible travel perspective and in turn help to influence responsible travel decisions.

When designing holidays for guests, agents can now quickly assess the benefits of an experience or short tour based on the icons displayed on the list pages of tours andexperiences. Those that were found to be responsible in one or more of these five categories have been given a special denotation to indicate which category they excel at.

The five categories are:

  • Carbon Friendly – Involves transportation that avoids carbon emissions or compensates carbon emissions through EXO’s voluntary carbon-offset strategy.
  • Cultural Knowledge – Emphasis on authentic and respectful exchange of cultural knowledge with local people.
  • Social Impact – Supports the purchases of local products and services that directly benefits social businesses
  • Make a Difference – Includes direct financial donations benefitting non-profit organisations that aid disadvantaged members of society, promote local arts and culture or protect the environment.
  • Local Benefits – No less than 30% of the cost of the tour is given directly back to local people to improve living conditions.

“By guiding guests into responsible choices, together we can improve the livelihoods of local people, protect their natural and cultural heritage and support local institutions committed to positive change – all while providing guests with unforgettable, feel-good experiences they will love and enjoy.” says Ruben Derksen, Director of Product and Marketing at EXO Travel.

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