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Experience Japan Like Never Before with AEON’s SUGOI JAPAN 2024!

Sugoi Japan 2024 AEON JCBIn an unprecedented move to elevate travel experiences, AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Company Limited has unveiled its exclusive “SUGOI JAPAN 2024 by AEON JCB” campaign. This initiative promises a luxurious journey through Japan for top spenders on AEON JCB credit cards, combining flights, tours, and culinary delights into an unforgettable adventure.

AEON JCB cardholders can participate in this extraordinary campaign until July 31, 2024. The top spenders will be rewarded with a complimentary Thai Airways ticket and a travel package that includes luxurious accommodations in Japan. This package promises to immerse travellers in the heart of Japanese culture and beauty, providing experiences that money can’t buy.

A Journey of a Lifetime

The SUGOI JAPAN 2024 campaign is designed to offer unparalleled experiences in the Land of the Rising Sun. Winners will enjoy a round-trip economy class ticket on Thai Airways’ Bangkok-Japan route. The journey includes visits to iconic cultural sites, such as the historic Kiyomizu-Dera Temple in Kyoto and the vibrant streets of Shinsaibashi in Osaka. Travelers will also dress in traditional kimonos, rejuvenate in authentic onsen baths, and cruise along the scenic Katsura River.

Moreover, the campaign features exclusive culinary experiences, including meals at Michelin-rated restaurants, ensuring every meal is a delight for the senses. Participants will explore the bustling Kuromon Market, savouring the freshest and finest Japanese cuisine.

Exclusive Rewards for Top Spenders

AEON JCB credit cardholders who accumulate spending exceeding 3 million baht at merchants worldwide will be eligible for these exclusive rewards. The top 10 highest spenders will enjoy a total travel package value of over 1.85 million baht, including two seats for each winner. Additionally, the campaign offers a cashback reward of up to 15,000 baht for those who rank from 11th to 50th in cumulative spending.

To participate, AEON JCB cardholders must register by sending an SMS with the code JCB1@ followed by their 16-digit credit card number to 4221475. Alternatively, registration can be completed through the AEON Mobile App or the official AEON website at aeon.co.th.

An Opportunity Not to Be Missed

“SUGOI JAPAN 2024 by AEON JCB” is more than just a travel campaign; it is an opportunity to experience Japan’s richness in the most luxurious and exclusive manner. From exploring Kobe’s European-style Kitano Walking Street to shopping at Kobe Harborland and AEON Mall Rinku Sennan, every moment is crafted to offer the utmost pleasure and comfort.

This campaign is a testament to AEON’s commitment to providing exceptional customer value and experiences. By blending cultural immersion with luxury travel, AEON ensures that its top spenders receive rewards and memories that will last a lifetime.

Visit AEON’s official website for more details on this exclusive campaign and to stay updated with the latest promotions.




Written by: Kanda Limw







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