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Experience KM Malta Airlines’ Comfort and Style

KM Malta Airlines - logoThe return flight to Zurich aboard KM Malta Airlines was undertaken in Economy Class to compare to the excellent Business Class inflight product enjoyed on the Zurich to Malta flight at the start of the trip. The happy surprise was that Economy Class on KM Malta is also a pleasant experience.

The first thing immediately noticeable when approaching the aircraft parked at the gate is KM’s bright livery, a colourful variation of the Maltese Cross seen everywhere in a country fiercely proud of its cultural heritage.  That heritage includes friendly hospitality displayed by KM Malta’s cabin crew.

KM Malta tail livery
KM Malta tail livery.

Malta International Airport, consistently ranked among the best in its class of European airports, was extremely busy in the early hours of a Sunday morning.  Despite the many passengers in the terminal, all the employees at the airport, from airline staff to security personnel, were amiable and accommodating.  There was very little time to wait at security despite the number of passengers travelling, reflecting the efficiency of the security workers here.  This being a flight within the Schengen area, no border formalities were required.

KM Malta Airlines focuses on a premium travel experience, even in Economy, to elevate it above the many low-cost carriers flying to Malta International Airport from many European cities.  KM’s Economy Class seats are just as comfortable as the ones in Business Class. However, the meal service on this early morning flight was, naturally enough, a more straightforward affair than the wonderful Business Class dinner served on the inbound evening flight from Zurich to Malta.  The on-time arrival at ZRH was uncomplicated and allowed for a direct transfer to an intercontinental connection.

Malta International Airport
Malta International Airport.

One of the most important considerations for the premium market is the convenience of flight schedules.  With this in mind, KM Malta prioritises increasing frequencies and better connectivity at major European airports.  As well as ZRH, KM Malta’s current route network includes London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Madrid Barajas, Rome Fiumicino, and Munich Airport, all facilities that make for easy connections if flying to Malta from other continents.

Codeshare agreements with Emirates, Qatar Airways, Air France-KLM, and Lufthansa allow for a streamlined flight experience for passengers worldwide.  For travellers exploring a bit of Europe before or after stepping off the continent and onto the islands of Malta, other flight possibilities with KM exist from cities such as Lyon, Vienna, Prague, and Catania.

KM Malta calls itself “the airline of the Maltese islands” in acknowledgment that the Republic Of Malta consists of more than just the main island. The island of Gozo, famous for its long association with creativity as a haven for artists, is an attractive destination in its own right, while tiny Comino is well known for the azure waters of its Blue Lagoon.

Gozo especially has strong links to Australia, home to the largest Maltese population outside Malta; it is not uncommon to see Australian flags fluttering in the breeze or houses with distinctly Australian names here. More information about the allure of the Maltese islands can be found on the beneficial Visit Malta website for destination information and the Malta Tourism Authority website for travel-industry professionals.




Written by: Robert La Bua – Global Travel Connoisseur







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