New Green Pearl in the Italian Fiemme Valley: Eco Park Hotel Azalea

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Amidst the heart of the small Italian village, Cavalese lies the Eco Park Hotel Azalea. Faithful to its name, Azalea is a natural oasis, surrounded by a luxuriant garden full of roses, gladioli, tulips, and dahlias. A hotel offering colorful rooms, a cozy atmosphere, healthy food and a lot of space for families.

Since 1940 the Park Hotel Cavalese welcomes its guests, at that time managed by the grandparents of today’s owner Manuela. Over time there were many changes and sustainability and environment-consciousness became more and more important.

Hospitality that comes right from the heart

The Eco Park Hotel Azalea is a place with a lot of love for detail and still offering a relaxed atmosphere. The family-owned hotel in Trentino spoils its guests with delicacies throughout the day, always with a vegetarian and vegan offer. Less meat, more plant-based dishes are combined with the traditional kitchen.

“Where in the morning no alarm clock rings”, is the motto of the hotel. Whether a snowy mountain weekend, yoga on the fragrant herb-rich meadows, relaxing massages for two or night walks with the whole family: a vacation at the Eco Park Hotel Azalea makes everyone happy.