Zeavola chef becomes a member of the “Disciples Escoffier International”

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The association “Disciples Escoffier International” has welcomed the chef of Zeavola Resort, Satya Beeknoo as a member. The worldwide known organization unites a total of 25,000 selected chefs and professionals from over 26 countries. The membership is exclusively by personal invitation. The aim is to promote and preserve culinary culture and tradition.

Satya Beeknoo

In 2020, Chef Satya Beeknoo won the reality show competition “Iron Chef”. He impressed the jury with his sustainable creations, for which he used only local ingredients. The restaurant he runs, “Tacada,” was named “Luxury Specialty Restaurant Asia” by the Luxury Hotel Awards in 2020. Prior to joining Zeavola, Chef Satya Beeknoo worked in various hotels on Mauritius, the Maldives and in Dubai. His dishes combine international and traditional Thai cuisine.

Zeavola Resort

The barefoot luxury resort Zeavola is located in the south of Thailand on the island of Koh Phi Phi. The resort is surrounded by untouched nature and was built on the example of a traditional Thai village. The resort is committed to sustainability and practices a conscious use of all resources.

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