Favourite Moments (and Dishes) with Khao Jaan-Prod

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Intending to bring back good memories revolving around your favourite Thai dishes, Khao Jaan-Prod offers a repertoire of Thai classic dishes crafted with passion and love from the team behind the Michelin-starred restaurant, Khao.

Khao Jaan-Prod is located on the 7th floor at Beacon Zone, centralwOrld. Trees and greens dot the perimeter of the restaurant, opposite the cineplex and supermarket, so you can’t miss it.

There are long tables set for families and large gatherings of friends. We visited one Sunday afternoon for a dose of nostalgia, hoping to be transported to our school heydays.

The menu is bilingual and the photos, clear and well laid out. The fresh spring rolls with crab was indeed a walk down memory lane. A reminder of what Mum used to make or buy for us on her way back from the market.

The grilled chicken here is also an inspiration from the past. It is on our list for the next luncheon. We opted this time for the Massaman Beef instead.

We really enjoyed the stir-fried bitter gourd with salted egg. It was an elevation from what we used to have back home, for the routine rushed lunch after school. So simple yet so rewarding, plus bitter gourd is good for us. “It cleanses the blood”, my grandma enthused every time this dish graced our dining table back home.

Fried Rice with Black Chilli Paste is another on our short list. The menu here is extensive and worth exploring. There is a selection for vegetarians too.

Khao is renowned for their mighty repertoire of desserts in their homebase in Ekkamai, and it is no different here. We do insist that everyone try their version of Khao Tok, a timeless classic. Not too sweet and goes in unison with the hot lemongrass tea served alongside. This dish was unfamiliar to us but is now a new favourite.

Khun Pradinan Arkarachinores, the founder of Khao, is on hand to greet everyone on most days and to welcome you to her culinary sanctuary. She handpicked most of the dishes in this new menu. The memorable life plant decorating every table, is a testament to her creativity.

We forgot to ask her which composer she adores, as classical music is her other love. Mental note for our next luncheon…

Restaurant opens daily from 10.00AM.

Check out beautiful photos on Instagram @khaojaanprod

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