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For the first time in Asia, Dairy Queen celebrates the holiday season with a pop-up store that offers customers an entirely new experience

Dairy Queen solidifies its position as the leader in soft-serve ice cream by gives its customers a completely new ice cream experience and welcomes the festive season with the opening of Asia’s first Dairy Queen pop-up store in the heart of Bangkok. The new DQ pop-up store is based on an experiential marketing strategy that invites customers to enjoy an unconventional ice cream shop in a way that they have never experienced before.

The entire new experience includes specially created ice cream recipes like “Overload Sundae” and “Overload Blizzard,” which allows customers to participate in creating their favorite ice cream flavor however they want. The most delectable “Mini Parfait” offers smooth parfait ice cream with a plethora of toppings. “Frappe” is a rich flavored ice cream shake with fragranced and soft fluffy whipped cream, while “The Amazing Cone” is a classic and all-time favorite ice cream recipe from Dairy Queen. The activities at the DQ pop-up store are also intended to reflect target customers’ preferences. These are designed to impress new generation consumers with fun and deliciousness to fully meet their needs. Furthermore, as planned, the pop-up store will increase consumer engagement and brand awareness. Customer traffic is expected to rise to 250% during the holiday season. Ice cream lovers can visit and experience the festive-inspired store at Square B for the first time in Asia from today to December 30, 2022. Simply look for the first store in front of centralwOrld, next to the Christmas tree zone.

“Dairy Queen continues to set goals to expand its consumer base through more diverse business models to meet the lifestyle of the new generation. Instead of going to an ordinary ice cream shop, customers nowadays prefer novelty in products and services. As a result, Dairy Queen recently opened our first pop-up store, which is regarded as a new business role model for Asia. This focuses on consumer engagement using an experiential marketing strategy that allows customers to try new things while increasing their enjoyment of eating ice cream in unusual ways. We also want this pop-up store to be a place where everyone can come together and do creative activities in a happy and fun environment during the holiday season,” said Nakarintr Thamhatai, general manager at Minor DQ Limited, a subsidiary of Minor Group, who is behind Dairy Queen’s success for over ten years.

The DQ pop-up store occupies an area of 80 square meters in front of CentralWorld, a popular landmark in the heart of Bangkok for teenagers and shoppers. The store’s design and decoration in a modern style with bright colors that respond to the ambiance of the upcoming festive season are what set it apart.

Customers are also impressed by a caravan of featured ice cream recipes available only at the pop-up store. These include the “Overload Sundae” and “Overload Blizzard,” which allow customers to create their own ice cream flavors by selecting Dairy Queen’s signature ice cream toppings from a menu of up to 20 options starting from 115 baht per cup. Not only that, but there is an exclusive offer for customers to sample the delectability of various ice cream flavors. The “Mini Parfait,” priced at 149 baht, combines the smooth texture of parfait ice cream with rich toppings in a full cup. The “Frappe” smoothie ice cream, priced at 120 baht, has an intense flavor and is fragrant with fluffy whipped cream. Dairy Queen’s classic ice cream recipe, “The Amazing Cone,” is served in a crunchy waffle cone and topped with a delicious chocolate sauce and an intense strawberry sauce for 79 baht.

The interior of the store is divided into activity zones, including a chic check-in photo corner dedicated to social media photography. Customers can also assess their special abilities using the interactive AI kiosk which can interact with users in real time. It encourages everyone to show off their singing, dancing, and other talents to fully express themselves.

Customers who purchase products from the Dairy Queen pop-up store will receive a special discount. Interesting activities are also available to appease content creators. Simply take a photo or video with the hashtag #HappyDQ at the Dairy Queen pop-up store and earn tokens to join in the fun with “Gachapon” for a chance to win limited Dairy Queen souvenirs. Customers can have as much fun as they want with novel yet entertaining activities.

“The pop-up store is the first time Dairy Queen has decided to create colorful and large-scale marketing for the brand. This combines the advantages of being the market leader in soft-serve ice cream with ideas for organizing marketing activities that correspond to the lifestyles of teenagers. It reinforces Dairy Queen’s image as a modern ice cream brand that meets the needs of the new generation, and it deviates from the traditional concept of presenting an ice cream shop to target customers. By embracing a multi-dimensional marketing approach, Dairy Queen will be able to further expand its customer base to include younger consumers and Generation Z,” said Nakarintr.

“The uniqueness of the Dairy Queen pop-up store may help increase consumer engagement with the brand while also reinforcing the company’s image as Thailand’s leading soft-serve ice cream provider. The number of people entering the store throughout the event is expected to increase to 250%.”

Those interested in experiencing Asia’s first innovative ice cream store from Dairy Queen can do so at Square B, the first store next to the Christmas tree zone in front of centralwOrld. Starting today – December 30, 2022, the store is open from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

More information can be found at https://www.dairyqueenthailand.com/ or on the Dairy Queen Thailand Facebook page.

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