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Foster Taste for A Life Well-Lived as A Life Reward

Brewery Company Limited, Official Partner, and Distributor of Anheuser-Busch InBev and Stella Artois Super Premium Beer by Mr. Sra Chutharatkul the General Manager. Hosted “The Masterpiece by Stella Artois” to launch the collection series “The Birth of the Star”, a glass of Chalice, a symbol which represents the Stella Artois (Pilsner Lager) that has passed on the quality of beer for more than 650 years and the pride of the people of Leven Belgium at The Glass House Nai Lert Park Heritage Home recently.

“The Masterpiece by Stella Artois” had been held in the world for the first time in Thailand. The exhibition-style of The Galaxy Edge and The Astronomer. All the honor guests would have an experience of the origin of stars.

Through the artwork series inspiration and meticulousness to represent the aesthetic and to celebrate the season of happiness and enjoy the impressive night with world-class Pilsner Lager and the Soul Jazz band. Along with the special launch the collection series “The Birth of the Star”, a glass of Chalice which will have 4 designs including Nebula, Protostar, Dust Disc, and The System. For more details can be followed on the Stella Artois Thailand Facebook and Instagram pages.

For the first time, this star was shining in Leuven, Belgium to celebrate Christmas since 1366. Stella Artois allude to the story of the long and complicated process of delicacy and complexity to the birth of stars through the Art Series. The Birth of The Star Collection, to represent the delivery of aesthetics and as a souvenir during the festive period of happiness. Stella Artois is, therefore, a brand that combines science and art perfectly to be accepted in more than 80 countries around the world. Stella Artois had won the Best International Lager 2019 from the World Beer Awards.

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