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Four Seasons Koh Samui Introduces Tiki-Inspired Flavours at Cocorum


Journey through vibrant tropical tastes at the poolside bar at water’s edge.

Steps away from the white sand beach and overlooking the azure blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand, CoCoRum at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui is an idyllic oasis of relaxation and a true reflection of the island life. Celebrating Koh Samui’s rich fishing heritage, CoCoRum offers guests an immersive experience that transitions from a serene paradise by day to an enchanting nighttime vibe. “From our handcrafted cocktails to the locally sourced ingredients that flavour them, every aspect of the experience here is infused with a commitment to the planet,” says Jasjit Assi, the Resort’s proud General Manager. “Our commitment to sustainability extends to every sip with more than 20 varieties of homemade syrups used in our menu and served in thoughtfully designed cups or holders.”  Traversing through four key experiences – Safe Haven, Jewel of the Tropics, Island Rituals and The Vault – CoCoRum’s menu embodies the spirit of personalisation and curation with a playful approach to the beverage experience.

Safe Haven: A Daytime Sanctuary

The concept of “Safe Haven” draws inspiration from the speculated translation of Samui as saboey in Malay. CoCoRum invites guests to embrace the blissful surroundings of swaying palms and shimmering water while sipping on the all-new tiki-inspired cocktails crafted with locally sourced ingredients and sustainable practices. “Step into our world showcasing Koh Samui’s storied fishing origins,” smiles Branka Novakovic, Assistant Director of Food & Beverage. “By day, our oasis transforms into a sun-drenched sanctuary where guests can unwind and indulge in a diverse array of island-inspired cocktails.” From refreshing rum concoctions to tantalising tequila blends and mesmerising mezcal infusions, the menu offers a symphony of flavours designed to relax and uplift. Whether lounging by the pool or soaking up the sun on the beach, the shareable serves are perfect for savouring with friends and loved ones. “We will transport you to a modern-day tiki tropical paradise with signature creations including Fishing in Paradise, Anchor to Shore, and Morning Compass,” says Bar Manager Thom Greets. At the helm of this transformation, Thom has reimagined the seaside beverage culture to combine a hearty dose of locally sourced ingredients with spirits that have set sail through time. “Shareable bottled cocktails will be highlighted, efficient to prepare, and suited for enjoyment at the pool or private beach regardless of time of service,” he says.

Jewel of the Tropics: Nighttime Adventure

A play on words, “Jewel of the Tropics” is also symbolic of the quintessential coconut that this island and Resort has an abundance of. As twilight casts its enchanting glow, CoCoRum takes guests on a nautical island-hopping adventure, where each sip unveils unique flavours inspired by the jewels of the tropics. Inspired by the nighttime fishing experience, the vibrant marine treasures and coral reefs of neighbouring islands such as Koh Madsum, Koh Wau Talap, and the Chumphon Archipelago, the evening menu showcases cocktails that blend innovative techniques with authentic flavours. “Our cocktails capture the essence of these exotic locales: from refreshing tropical blends to rich and complex concoctions,” shares Thom. “Savoury, spiritous or bitter, our nightcap section offers the perfect finale to your evening of exploration.”

Island Rituals: Something For Everyone

Traditions come alive at CoCoRum bar every evening, where tiki-inspired aperitivos are served in a clay copita and from a clay jug. Accompanied by tantalising snacks inspired by the vibrant cultures of Thailand and Latin America, this ritual serves as the perfect introduction to the menu. Wednesday and Friday nights at CoCoRum promise lively, cocktail-filled evenings against the backdrop of Samui’s breathtaking coastline.

  • Rum Runners Wednesday: Taking rituals further, Wednesdays are dedicated to sugarcane spirits. “Delight in specially selected cocktails and tasting flights that showcase the complexity and depth of rum,” suggests Branka. “Paired with light snacks and the groovy tunes from our resident DJ, a classic rum punch kicks off the evening’s festivities.”
  • Agave Friday: A celebration of all things inspired by Mexico, TGIF has a new meaning at CoCoRum as live music sets the mood for an agave evening. “As a special welcome, our team will serve up welcome aperitivo straight from the cocktail shaker!” grins Thom.

Along with themed beverages, crispy seafood tacos, and the finest fisherman’s fare in Samui round off a perfectly paired evening by the ocean’s edge.

The Vault: Unlocking Secrets

There’s no better homage to Latin American spirits than The Vault, a sanctuary of sensory delight. “Our premier spirits experience unveils an extensive selection of sugarcane and agave treasures sourced from Thailand, South America, the Caribbean, and Mexico,” explains Thom. Meticulously curated, this collection invites guests to embark on a refined journey through the realms of rum, tequila, and mezcal, with cigar pairing recommendations. “Gather around the tasting table in our intimate setting to sample flights and compare notes,” suggests Branka. “The Vault stands as Asia’s first and only library of rums from around the globe, offering tastings that highlight the distinct characteristics of rum, agave, and the best of both worlds.”

For more information or to make a reservation, visit Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui online or contact +66 77 243 000.

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