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Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai Introduces Wara Cheewa Spa

For centuries, northern Thai people have nurtured a ritualistic culture that focuses on a life lived in balance. At Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, the team of wellness experts, guided by Regional Director of Spa Luisa Anderson, have drawn on this wisdom to create an all-new journey of wellbeing. “Translating to ‘a celebration of the gift of life,’ Wara Cheewa Spa presents therapies that have been crafted to bring about unification that we all seek – within and without,” shares Luisa.

“We are blessed to have a strong connection with the culture and community, having been in Chiang Mai for 25 years,” says Anthony Gill, General Manager, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai and Tented Camp Golden Triangle. “From our own team of spa therapists, who bring their experience to each treatment, to a strong traditional influence and home-grown ingredients, Wara Cheewa Spa offers transformational experiences in the cultural heartland of Thailand.”

Bringing the body, mind and soul into harmony, the menu addresses the four key pillars of wellbeing – physical, emotional, social and nutritive. Uniting cultural elements, the Spa offers a diverse range of massages, scrubs, facials and rituals under each pillar. “We want to take guests back to the very basic elements of wellness, by drawing on their intuition to choose therapies that best resonate in the present moment,” explains Gemma Abad, Director of Spa.

Restore with Body balancing Therapies

The menu invites guests to plant their feet firmly on the Earth with a grounding collection of body-balancing treatments. “Restore stabilising energy, while Mother Earth’s abundant gifts heal you on all levels. Recall the cyclical importance of rest and rejuvenation in order to grow and thrive,” says Gemma about the Physical Wellbeing menu. For complete physical relaxation, she recommends the Rice & Spice Scrub – a signature therapy that resonates with the spirit of the land. Home-grown jasmine rice is blended with a rich variety of local herbs and spices to exfoliate and rejuvenate. “Used by rice farmers for generations, this sensuous combination of earthy herbs and spices – blended by hand in our Spa kitchen – exfoliates skin, warms muscles and boosts circulation to leave you glowing with health,” she adds.

Connect to the Holistic Heart of Northern Thailand

Using a combination of local ingredients and ancestral knowledge, the Spa’s Social Wellbeing menu inspires personal and cultural connection. “These therapies allow you to shift your focus from where you’ve been to where you are right now, to rediscover the sense of balance that comes from feeling part of a greater whole,” explains Gemma. Guests can immerse in the rhythms of Thailand with Spirit of Freedom Couple’s Ritual – an expressive and energising experience that celebrates the healing properties of water and its role in nature. “Unite with your significant other and surrender to waves of wellbeing. This therapy is recommended year-round but especially during the green season,” she adds.

Rediscover Inner Ease

A true reflection of the Land of Smiles, the Emotional Wellbeing menu focuses on self-care, and invites guests to reconnect with the peace and poise that comes from the feeling of oneness. “Our therapies uplift the centres of emotion and floods the body and mind with kindness,” says Gemma. For a true journey of emotional discovery, Silk Samunprai Massage is a tender healing sequence to restore inner equilibrium and awaken to the riches of compassion, generosity and wellbeing. “Open your heart and rediscover emotional equilibrium as luxurious warm silk herbal poultices bring you back to yourself, while a sweet orange and blue ginger massage awakens you to your inner potential,” she remarks.

Feed the Body, Mind and Soul

The Nutritive Wellbeing menu inspires guests to take the time to revitalise and restore their inner well of healing, with nutrient-rich treatments that restore from the outside in. “Nourish the body with an Oriental Blend Massage, focused on flooding the body with vital energy and nature’s healing powers,” shares Gemma. Focusing on the physical and intuitive elements of the body with hydrating aromatic oils and gentle revitalising techniques, the therapy offers complete rejuvenation for both skin and energy levels with a pressure-point massage based on traditional Oriental energy meridians.

Drawing on the gifts and wisdom of the northern Thai people – true experts in a life lived in balance – Wara Cheewa Spa inspires guests to explore the scales of holistic health in Chiang Mai’s “haven of wellbeing.”

Open daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, guests can reserve their experience via the FS CHAT or call 053 298 181.

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