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Glenfiddich’s ‘WHERE NEXT CLUB’ Showcases Kit-Kanachai at ‘Unveiling Leather’ Event!

Glenfiddich, from the award-winning luxury spirits company, William Grant & Sons Ltd, returns with “THE WHERE NEXT CLUB” campaign for the third consecutive year to inspire the discovery of ‘Your Single Best Quality’. THE WHERE NEXT CLUB” unites individuals from various industries to share their stories and find their own ‘Single Best Quality’ to fuel inspiration for what is Next in the best possible version. This year, Glenfiddich enlisted maverick, Kit-Kanachai Benchaongkul to reveal his Single Best Quality’ at the premier of the “Unveiling Leather” exhibition. The specially curated exhibition is representative of Kit’s relentless pursuit of his dreams and his life perspective, beautifully conveyed through his beloved art pieces, which revealed the limitless possibilities of a timeless material such as “leather”. Held at the Four Seasons ART Space by MOCA Bangkok at the Four Season’s Hotel Bangkok, the ‘Unveiling Leather’ event brings guests on Kit’s journey of discovery to uncover his ‘Single Best Quality’ that brought him endless successes.

Kit-Kanachai’s ‘Single Best Quality’: “Ambitious” 

Success is something that most people are in pursuit of. However, the path to success is not always an easy one. Only those who have reached the top know the secrets to achieving endless success. In a world full of talented people, in order to achieve success and other subsequent successes, it is imperative to discover what is your ‘Quality’, the one thing that makes you shine, that you excel at, that you are passionate about. Thus, that ‘Single Best Quality’ will be an important key to unlocking that “Next” in your own path. That is the reason behind why Glenfiddich initiated the “THE WHERE NEXT CLUB” campaign to help everyone discover ‘Your Single Best Quality’ and elevate their lives towards what is ‘Next’ in their own unique path.

Kit-Kanachai Bencharongkul, the multi-talented photographer, with a passion for various mediums and styles of art, is driven by his ambition and enthusiasm to successfully fulfill his dreams. Thus, his portfolio is not limited to photography, but at one point in his life, Kit also produced his own music. Most recently Kit turned his interest in Fine Arts into a career, assuming the role of Managing Director at the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA) Bangkok.

Kit reveals his direction as Managing Director when it comes to the operation of the museum as quoted, “I want this space to be more accessible to the new generation. In the past, most of the people who visited the museum were from my father’s generation and up to 80 percent were tourists. After assuming the role, I tried to change the direction to reach a new, younger generation in the country. This is done through rotating exhibitions that feature various types of art according to special occasions or other notable festivities. Other than that, we also organize activities that may not be directly related to art but help draw traffic to the museum.” With a repertoire of past successes, the word ‘AMBITIOUS’ might not be the only one that defines Kit’s identity, but it is his ‘Single Best Quality’ that drives him towards his endless pursuit of success and what is ‘Next’.

“Unveiling Leather: The Artistic Journey of Craftsmanship”

As one of the exhibitions that is representative of Kit-Kanachai’s life path, ‘Unveiling Leather’ is organized to showcase impeccable fine arts from artists across Thailand. The designs and craftsmanship of leather is presented through a new perspective to ignite a spark of boundless imagination and creativity. Furthermore, the exhibition is a curation of art pieces and objects made from leather, where each piece is meticulously assembled, revealing the limitless possibilities of a timeless material like “leather.” Leveraging on the uniqueness and charm of leather, each of the 12 artists interpret the theme in their own distinct styles, reinforcing Kit-Kanachai’s initiative to push the art industry to further heights. These artists include Kittikong Tilokwattanotai, Lugpliw Junpudsa, Prach Niyomkar, Rukkit, Samita Rungkwansiriroj, Somyot Hananuntasuk, Temjai Cholsiri, Thaiwijit Puengkasemsomboon, Trey Hurst, Udom Udomsrianan, Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch, Coppenn and MAMAFAKA. The work that each artist created represents an opportunity to experiment and transcend craft traditions in a variety of media including sculpture, weaving and painting. “Leather” as an art material also demonstrates form, function and emotion which derives from a combination of the artists’ admiration and respect for the craftmanship that have been passed down from generation to generation and continuously developed throughout different time periods.

In addition to the art and objects made from leather in the exhibition, guests also had the opportunity to experience three special whisky cocktails created especially for the event. All three drinks reflect Kit-Kanachai’s ‘Single Best Quality’, which is “Ambitious”, in each stage of his life. Starting with the first chapter under the name “Impressionism”, the drink conveys beauty that is easy to perceive, nature and innocence, much like Kit-Kanachai’s younger years that were spent indulging in photography. This cocktail is made with Glenfiddich 12 Year Old, with its distinctive notes of grains, flowers, minerals, malt, honey, citrus, spice, and dark oak that gives a sweet touch, making the drink extra refreshing. Followed by the second chapter under the name “Surrealism” which conveys dreams and imagination. This chapter represents a time when Kit starts taking photography more seriously and a moment of realization that intensified many things in his life. This story is told through flavors that are sour, sweet, and spicy with the main ingredient being the Glenfiddich 15 Year Old. This product stands out for being innovatively matured in three types of oak casks resulting in deep flavors and concentration. The last chapter presents a cocktail under the name “Abstract Expressionism”, which is a concoction that conveys various moods and emotions subject to each individual’s interpretation. The main ingredient is the Glenfiddich 18 Year Old which stands out for its intensity and unique depths of flavor.

Glenfiddich has continually pushed boundaries in order to continue to grow with its reputation as the world’s most awarded single malt whisky brand that has captured the hearts of whisky lovers for more than 130 years. Since the invention of the Solera Vat barrels used to produce whisky that differs from other brands, Glenfiddich went on to become the first Scotch distillery to popularize single malts in 1963. This shows that the brand’s single best quality is “Innovative” which has ignited Glenfiddich’s search for “Where Next”. Under “THE WHERE NEXT CLUB” campaign, Glenfiddich is determined to push everyone to embark upon their journey to discover their “Single Best Quality” in order to achieve success.

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