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Guest Chef Alan Shao: Grand Hyatt Delight!

Prepare to embark on a culinary journey of the first Wok Around the World, featuring an exceptional showcase of authentic Chinese cuisine by Guest Chef Alan Shao from Grand Hyatt Manila. Indulge your senses in his exquisite selection of Cantonese and Sichuan specialties available from 3 to 9 August 2023 at Village Square’s Wok Wok.

The special menu features a delightful array of options to please every palate, from small plate offerings, soups to substantial main courses. For starters, delight in poached chicken with peanut and spicy chili oil or the refreshing twist of fresh fruit king prawn salad. For a touch of luxury, try the braised crabmeat soup with sweet corn and dried scallop. Enhance your dining experience with the bold flavors of the poached grouper in Sichuan style spicy chili oil or savor the mouthwatering stir-fried Angus beef with enoki mushrooms and black pepper. For a spicy kick, opt for the Sichuan dan dan noodles with pickles, delivering a tangy and flavorsome profile.

Hailing from Qingdao province, Chef Alan is the resident Chef de Cuisine of No.8 China House restaurant, a top ranked restaurant in Manila. With an impressive training background under the tutelage of the esteemed master, Jack Aw Yong, at Park Hyatt Beijing, Chef Alan has dedicated years to perfecting the artistry and technical finesse of Chinese culinary traditions. Chef Alan’s dedication to culinary excellence has garnered international recognition, with his team winning the prestigious gold medal for Best Asian Restaurant in Doha, despite being open for just one year. Chef Alan eagerly awaits this collaboration, stating, “I am thrilled for this opportunity to collaborate with the talented team at Andaz Bali and immerse myself in a new cultural experience.”

Experience Chef Alan’s creations for an authe ntic family style Chinese meal, available during both lunch and dinner at Wok Wok Village Square. For more information or to make a reservation, contact us through WhatsApp or email hery.kusuma@andaz.com.

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