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Here is Why Thailand’s Islands Continues to Attract Millions of Tourists Each Year

Thailand remains one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Each year millions of visitors come to the Land of Smiles to visit Samui, Phuket, Phi Phi, Koh Tao, and many of the f islands in the south of Thailand.  They come for a vacation that is fun, relaxing, and filled with opportunities to learn and explore.

Thailand is the world’s largest Buddhist Country, and has its own unique and charming customs. Thai people are known for their hospitality and helpfulness. This adds to the quality of the vacation and causes people to come back again and again year after year.

Many of the people who visit here from Europe, are used to vacations in warm places like the Mediterranean. Perhaps they have spent time on Mykonos, one of the Greek isles. And maybe they stayed at a great hotel on the island. If this was the case, the process would be to book your flight there, reserve your Mykonos Beach hotel, and then simply enjoy all the island has to offer during your stay. When visit Thailand’s Islands, the procedure and expectations can be exactly the same.

Here is why so many people visit the islands of Thailand every year:

The Cost

Although the Thai baht has appreciated more than any other currency in the region over the past twelve months, Thailand still remains a low cost destination for many who travel here, particularly if they are coming from Europe or the US.

Many people that visit Thailand are amazed at how far their money will go toward having a great vacation. Whether it is the price of hotels, the cost of in country travel, food, attractions, and even a bottle of water, it is all cheap in Thailand.

The Perfect Weather

Thailand enjoys tropical weather all year round, meaning that whenever you come, you will be met with warm sun and a constant breeze. In fact, many people come here during the winter months to get away from cold weather and snow in their home countries.

The Beaches

Thailand is known for its beautiful white sand beaches that gently caress the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand or the Indian Ocean. If you are looking to get the perfect tan, we can find it on any of Thailand’s beaches. You can relax there doing the warm long days, and if you choose, take a dip in the warm water.

The Daytime Activities

Whether you choose to go to a popular Island Lake Phuket or Samui, or less Traveled Island like Koh Larn, you’ll find the best beaches, with all the beach activities you desire. If you want to Jet Ski, Scuba, snorkel, or even some boating. You can rent a yacht of any size and tour the island you are staying on, or visit other islands in the area.

If you like exploring, each island has lots of green areas where you can type. Make sure to bring the right equipment including long sleeve shirts and hiking shoes if you intend on hiking on any of the islands. Each island also has galleries and a few small museums where you can learn about the culture of Thailand. When you come you have to do something involving elephants because they sit at the center of Thai culture. You can tour in elephant reserve and even ride elephants. There are other activities including zip lining, and even water parks on the larger islands.

The Nighttime Activities

Thailand is famous around the world for its night light. Each island has an area specifically reserved for discotheques, bars, and clubs that are open late into the night. Since the weather in South Thailand is always warm, many of the clubs have outdoor areas will you can have a drink and dance. Whatever your music preference, you will find, along with many others who share your taste.

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