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Hilton Effect Foundation Announces 2021 Hilton Effect Grants, Pledges $1.5 Million to Organizations

The Hilton Effect Foundation announced its 2021 Hilton Effect grantees, comprising multi-dimensional organizations hyper-focused on restoring and strengthening communities impacted by two of the biggest crises of the modern era: the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing threat of climate change.

Serving as Hilton’s primary philanthropic arm, the Hilton Effect Foundation has awarded $1.5 million through its 2021 Hilton Effect Grants to organizations driving sustainable change across the globe.

“The Hilton Effect Foundation exists to help build resiliency and a sense of community when and where it is needed most,” said Kristin Campbell, executive vice president, general counsel & chief ESG officer. “Against the backdrop of the last two years, and across 2021 especially, people and organizations around the world have come together in incredible ways to support one another and to drive real progress in addressing major global challenges. Our grantees are doing meaningful work to create solutions that restore and strengthen our communities for future generations of travelers, and it is our honor to support their efforts.”

Hilton established the Hilton Effect Foundation on the belief that it can create a “better world to travel” by investing in the people and organizations that are fostering change. The organizations were selected based on their positive impact on the environment or providing opportunities for communities in travel destinations around the world.

The combined pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change have had a dramatic effect on people around the world, especially in underserved areas. These modern world crises are catalysts for hunger, unemployment, lack of clean water and other health and societal issues. Foundation grants were awarded to the following organizations:

Asia Pacific

Rise Against Hunger (Philippines): Building organic community farms in urban areas dedicated to alleviating hunger through sustainable agriculture
The Bread & Butter Project (Australia): Supporting better livelihood opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees through on-the-job training and employment readiness support
The Nature Conservancy (China): Creating renewable energy project for China Yunnan’s rural villages — includes energy-saving stoves, solar water heaters and other means
Sungai Watch (Indonesia): A community river cleanup organization that has the mission to protect waterways, starting in Indonesia

The Americas

Clean the World (United States): Providing mobile hot shower units for homeless individuals to improve their health, wellness, and ability to find employment
Grid Alternatives (United States): Creating solar energy projects and solutions for low-income families
Team Rubicon (United States): Supporting displaced Afghan refugees and families that don’t have access to critical resources and lifelines
The Memorial Foundation (United States): Supporting the next generation of social justice leaders by teaching leadership and advocacy skills, personal development, community volunteerism and instilling Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision for our shared humanity
The Nature Conservancy (Ecuador): Working with indigenous communities in the Pastaza province to promote the cultivation of two native fish species and to train local communities to produce their own food to reduce the dependence on commercial products

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Direct Relief (Various countries in the Middle East): Delivering medical supplies and other essential items to support local health systems
Lebanese Food Bank (Lebanon):​Providing food and security for Lebanese citizens after their country was excessively affected by the pandemic and its ongoing economic crisis
Springboard (United Kingdom): Creating opportunities for young people as well as a community hit hard by drops in tourism due to the pandemic
WaterAid (Tanzania and South Africa): Providing clean water solutions and empowering women to be actively included in projects to best meet the needs of their communities

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