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Monday, January 30, 2023

HomeExchange unites seven communities and becomes a game changer in hospitality

CEO Emmanuel Arnaud and Executive Chairman Charles-Edouard Girard announced today the launch of the new HomeExchange platform, which brings together seven communities under one global brand and vision.

HomeExchange unveils a new website and an international brand identity that embodies its disrupting vision and values in the hospitality market.  By offering a space where user can host and stay, without money changing hands, home exchange is now openly challenging rental platforms.

This new version of HomeExchange is the first program with all-inclusive premium guarantees. Members can now benefit from additional identity verification, improved cancellation support, property damages covered up to 1,000 000 £ and 24/7 worldwide assistance in case of emergency.  This new level of safety and comfort, combined with features that simplify and open-up the exchange possibilities, will allow the  community to thrive and grow.

“Stay in paid accommodation is increasingly perceived as cold and impersonal. Because it is based on free hospitality, home exchange offers a whole new experience: to stay in real, authentic homes, and to feel welcomed as guests” said Emmanuel Arnaud, CEO of HomeExchange.

The new brand reflects the HomeExchange mission: challenge the tourism industry with a uniquely human hospitality experience, offering its growing community 400,000 unique travel possibilities to real homes around the world. HomeExchange now globally stands for what it brings to the consumer: the warmest and most human travel experience.

“This is just the beginning: HomeExchange combines affordability, human values and sustainability.  From Baby Boomers to Milleniums, we expect a million users in the next 2 years.” said Charles-Edouard Girard, Executive Chairman of HomeExchange.

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