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Asset World Corporation developed a 150 years old house on the bank of the Ping River in Chiang Mai Province into the “Ancient House Chiangmai,” a cultural antique mall that reflects the value of Lanna’s local heritage.

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Mr. Napat Charoenkul, Managing Director of Retails Group, Asset World Retail Co., Ltd., under the management of Asset World Corporation Co., Ltd. (TCC GROUP) recently revealed that the company had renovated a 150-year-old house situated on the bank of the Ping River in the heart of Chiang Mai.

With investment budget of 170 million baht, the house will become a new shopping center named “Ancient House Chiangmai”. The project was developed by the TCC Group to preserve the Lanna’s cultural heritage so that the future generations of people can learn the history of the region. It would cause a great disappointment if these cultural treasures are left to decay over time. A similar project supervised by the company is “ASIATIQUE The Riverfront,” where old warehouses and sawmills belonged to the East Asiatique Company in the reign of King Rama 5 were transformed into a landmark that allows visitors to appreciate the glory of Thailand in the past, and an unmissable destination for tourists who come to Thailand.

“With the policy to preserve the beautiful architecture of the past, the company has overhauled this ancient house and its neighborhood, and renamed it as the Ancient House Chiangmai project. The main structure is renovated yet still retains its Lanna heritage for the people of Chiang Mai to appreciate, to learn the stories of the glorious past of Chiang Mai as a trading center. Ancient methods were employed in the renovation process in order to maintain the spirit of the house and preserve the original architecture. Three more new “Huean Paes” (Huean Pae is a Chiang Mai-styled building specifically used as a shop. This architecture, taking the shops in the Ket Temple area as a reference, was influenced by the trend from the Thailand’s central region during the early period of the King Rama V’s reign) were constructed to house 7 shops and restaurants altogether. The 3 Huean Paes are designed in the form of CULTURAL ANTIQUE MALL for 6 Chiang Mai souvenir shops for both Thai and foreign visitors, while the main house will be become the Chocolate Factory. We hope to see this site become a new destination for tourists in Chiang Mai in the near future,” added Mr. Napat Charoenkul.

Ms. Surapee Khanasa, General Manager – Northern Retails, Asset World Advisory Co., Ltd., said, “The target customers of the Ancient House Chiangmai are estimated to be 70% Thais who live in Chiang Mai and other provinces, and 30% foreigners including those already living in Chiang Mai and those who come to visit the city. We believe that the project will be well received since we have a group of tenants who are renowned and trusted brands such as The Chocolate Factory, whose brand image is very strong with a unique concept and menu. It serves premium food and beverages, using ingredients from the Royal Projects in Thailand’s northern region, not to mention its large, established customer base since three branches of the restaurant have already been opened here. Other souvenir shops in the project include Doi Kham, Elephant Parade, ROC (Royal Orchid Collection), Thai Craft, Fourvector and Kinaree The gallery of Asia. These elements combined with the charm of the century-old house result in a greatly valuable architecture. The company will also develop an activity space on the banks of the Ping River, where people can come to spend time in a chic and chill ambience. This is the selling point of the project that will meet the needs of Thai tourists, foreigners and the local people.

“Chiang Mai is a major province with economic, trade and logistics significances. It is a center of tourism in the north. Of course, the influx of people never stops whether for living or for work. The lifestyle in Chiang Mai lifestyle is not hectic and rushed like that in Bangkok. People here live in a much slower pace. However, a similarity exists: Chiang Mai people love to seek new experience for themselves, focus on the eco-tourism, like unique, original architectures of the places they go, and, therefore, do not mind going out to find places that are casual and more fulfilling for their lifestyle. Regarding the communication strategies, the project is well supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chiang Mai branch, and well as hotels in Chiang Mai. The project is expected to generate around 20 million baht revenue per year. The company will regularly launch marketing activities and cooperate with the public and private sectors to increase sales for tenants. There will be special activities, promotional activities, and cultural activities to highlight the uniqueness of the ancient house and the shops such as the OTOP event, Songkran, Yi Peng, and etc.” Ms. Surapee added.

The inauguration ceremony of the Ancient House Chiangmai project was attended by Deputy Vice President of Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chiang Mai Office, Mr. Sansern Sitisarn, and the 5th generation heir of the 150-year-old ancient house, Mr. Boonrat Sodsai, partner hotels, and entrepreneurs to help the Ancient House Chiangmai become an unmissable destination for Thai and foreign tourists visiting Chiang Mai.

See more details of the Ancient House Chiangmai at www.facebook.com/Ancienthousechiangmai.

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