Homegrown Brands Band Together: Banyan Tree forms Strategic Partnership with KrisShop, Singapore Airlines’ flagship retailer


 Banyan Tree Group announces a brand partnership with KrisShop, Singapore Airlines’ flagship retailer. As homegrown brands gone global, KrisShop and Banyan Tree Group are like-minded partners with common shared values for the greater good. The recently formalised brand partnership starts first with making available Banyan Tree’s exclusive, value-aligned offerings with KrisShop’s complementary audiences, and will extend into multiple other synergies.

Ms Raelene Johnson, Chief Commercial Officer of KrisShop says, “As part of our holistic omnichannel approach to become an experiential e-commerce destination for travellers and beyond, we are excited to partner with Banyan Tree across various areas. We have the same purpose-driven values and a love for craft and provenance, and also see that wellbeing and sustainability in all areas of life are increasingly important considerations for our customers. Banyan Tree is a leader in these areas, and this partnership leverages the strengths of both our brands.”

Banyan Tree’s signature Essentials aromatherapy and body care products launched on KrisShop.com to great success, doubling the sales month-on-month since launch. Containing 95% natural and responsibly-sourced botanical ingredients, the Essentials range has already seen 38% revenue growth in 2020. This was after an 18-month research and development process that also enabled the design and introduction of sustainable packaging for these products. In the following months, customers may expect Banyan Tree curated experiences on the site as well, along with other shared campaigns around common destinations.

Ms Ho Renyung, Vice President Brand HQ of Banyan Tree Group says. “Expressing a brand today is multidimensional  there are so many different touchpoints, both internally and externally. Aspiring to extend our brand presence in our guests’ lives beyond their stay at our properties, we are delighted to collaborate with KrisShop, an innovative leader that keeps consumer experience at the fore. Together, we hope to champion conscious consumption while inspiring mindfulness and self-care  to rest and live in the moment. On this note, our Group is also working on other upcoming partnerships with homegrown brands. Watch this space.”

Businesses need to continually re-invent themselves to advance beyond their field of expertise, while focusing on the greater good and wellbeing of the consumers during these times. Amidst the challenges of today’s economic and social context, partnerships are becoming fundamental to business vitality. By leveraging on the strengths and best of each brand’s product offerings and capabilities, value-aligned industry collaborations create synergies and opportunities that benefit all.