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Prince Hotels News

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We, the Prince Hotels, have developed the Prince Safety Commitment as a new protocols for hygiene and disinfection, which will be applied starting to provide our guests with safe environment to enjoy staying with us, clean spaces.We are very much looking for world to welcoming back you as we will ready by the time our guests start travelling again.

1 Stronger employee hygiene system

We will thoroughly implement body temperature measurement, hand-washing, gargling, and disinfection before start of work, and our staff will wear masks or face shields
when carrying out work duties. As well as distributing sanitizer to all employees, we will emphasize hygiene training and rigorously maintain individual health management
while striving to provide warm hospitality to our g

2 Health check for guests
(1)Hotel guests
We will ask all stay guests to fill out a self-check sheet when checking into the hotel.
(2)Diners at restaurants
We will ask all patrons to disinfect their hands and take their temperature when entering our restaurant.

Self-check sheet
3 Cleaning and disinfection Promotion
We will be particularly thoroughly disinfecting surfaces frequently touched by many people such as equipment and facilities in restaurants, guest rooms, and others.

(1)Installing sanitizer
We will make a disinfectant available for free usage to our guests by installing it at such places as hotel entrances, restaurant entrances and others, and sodium hypochlorite solution will be made available on all restaurant tables so that guests can use it to disinfect their hands.

(2)Strengthening of disinfection at our restaurants
Each time our restaurant guests finish their meal, we will disinfect the table they are occupied so that it is ready for the next guests to dine safety and with ease.

(3)Introduction of “Safety stickers”
A “Safety sticker” will be affixed to the door of any guest room that has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to clearly indicate that no-one has entered after cleaning, enabling guests to enter with confidence.

4 Thorough countermeasures to prevent splashing
(1)Installation of splash prevention screens
Acrylic screens will be installed at locations where our staff is in regular contact with our guests, such as front desks and restaurant cashiers.

(2)Ensuring a social distancing
We will establish a minimum 1-meter distance between tables in restaurants.

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