Singha Estate Joins Bio-Diversity Network Alliance (B-DNA) Underscores its Commitment to Nature and Biodiversity Conservation in Thailand

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Singha Estate is proud to announce that the company is now an official member of Bio-Diversity Network Alliance (B-DNA), a platform that aims to strengthen the Private Sector’s role in nature conservation in Thailand, with a focus on biodiversity and contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Mr. Naris Cheyklin, Chief Executive Officer of Singha Estate PCL said that “Singha Estate is proud to become a member of Bio-Diversity Network Alliance (B-DNA) as the platform echoes our business philosophy for corporate social responsibility and our long-term vision to become a global holding company by creating “harmonious co-existence” between community and environment, which we believe will provide numerous benefits for all of our stakeholders as it reflects Singha Estate’s commitment to become Good Corporate Citizenship. Indeed, we have worked with various partners on numerous conservation initiatives, and we fully realize that the cooperation from all sectors is absolutely necessary. For example, we collaborated with partners from both public and private sectors in 2016 to drive the achievement of “Phi Phi Set to Change”, an initiative to conserve and restore the natural resources of Nopparat Thara Beach and Phi Phi Island National Park modeled on IUCN’s nature-based solutions where we worked in collaboration with governmental offices and leading scholars, including the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Faculty of Fisheries of Kasetsart University. We have also developed several eco-based initiatives, including a coral rehabilitation project at Yoong Island to help recover bleached coral in national park areas such as Maya Bay, have been adopted and implemented by the National Parks Committee together with local communities and private sectors.”

Mr. Naris also added “We are delighted to be selected to become a membership of B-DNA which is a significant platform facilitating networking and collaboration on conservation projects across the country. In the future, we will continue to carry out more conservation-related projects to maximize the benefits for the local community and environment in order to create value for sustainable growth in the area in which we conduct our businesses. In 2019, we are moving forward with two projects including Maldives Discovery Center and Marine Discovery Centre at CROSSROADS Maldives, which promote the way of life of local communities and the beautiful marine biodiversity. The center will also educate tourists and all stakeholders on coral conservation and rehabilitation as well as cultivate environmental consciousness.”

Throughout the past 5 years, Singha Estate has operated business by taking into account the welfare of all stakeholders which include our customers, shareholders, communities, and the environment. For future initiatives, Singha Estate is moving forward to expand and strengthen its network and enhancing the achievement of many other initiative projects covering all dimensions in social and environmental conservation which can create sustainability for business, communities, and the environment.

B-DNA is a membership platform established in 2018 by the collaboration of TOYOTA and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) which aims to build a strong network of companies working in collaboration, or independently, towards a sustainable society and economy. There are 9 companies joining the network currently and this is the first time for Singha Estate to become a member in 2019.

After joining B-DNA, Singha Estate has participated in Coastal Cleanup activity held at Bang Pu Nature Education Centre, Samut Prakan. The objective of this program is to help conserve and rehabilitate the diversity of surrounding mangrove environment through conservation activities such as cleaning up and removing trash and debris from the mangrove forest with the collaboration of Singha Estate company’s employees and approximately 2,000 staffs and volunteers from the conservation alliance. Additionally, there were #SeaYouTomorrow exhibition providing information and knowledge about negative impact of trash pollution in the ocean for the youth and general public. In summary, the activity was successfully organized with more than 2,700 kg. of trash and debris removed from mangrove forest.

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