Standard International Secures Two Flagship Projects In Asia For The Standard Brand And Debuts Its New Hotel Brand: The Peri Hotel


Since Sansiri PLC acquired its majority stake in Standard International in November 2017, the pioneering lifestyle hospitality company has focused on expanding to key markets in Asia (in addition to its already expanding US and European footprint). Today Standard International announced that it has secured landmark hotel projects for The Standard brand in both Bangkok and Singapore and launched The Peri Hotel brand, with projects for the new brand under development in Hua Hin and Khao Yai. Details about The Standard Bangkok and Singapore projects will be released before the end of the year.

The Peri Hotel brand joins the company’s The Standard and Bunkhouse brands and is the first brand in the industry to be launched since the Covid crisis struck. The Peri Hotel is characterized by simplicity and humility. A home away from home where travelers and locals come to find life’s most basic pleasures, done just right. The first two The Peri Hotels are set to open in October 2020 with conversions and full-scale renovations of Sansiri’s existing ESCAPE Hotels in Hua Hin and Khao Yai, Thailand.

Standard International’s CEO, Amar Lalvani said, “We are launching The Peri Hotels at a difficult moment in the world. But it is a moment when life’s simple pleasures are appreciated more than ever. It is that spirit of simplicity and appreciation that form the foundation of The Peri Hotel brand. And the first two idyllically set, nature focused, destinations perfectly capture what The Peri Hotel is about. With the properties thoughtfully designed for experiences that we believe travelers will embrace, and enjoy, in this new travel landscape.”

Sansiri PLC is the owner and developer of both of the first two The Peri Hotels although Standard International intends to work with other owners and developers throughout the region to grow the brand.

“Sansiri is proud to work with our partners at Standard International to develop The Peri Hotel and launch its first two hotels. Our collective teams have created a brand and designed renovations that capture the soul of the locations and properties themselves. These hotels will be places where the design touches and teams inspire and bring a smile to your face. In this season of travel changes, we took the opportunity to develop not just hotels but new ways of communing with nature, and each other,” said Ou Baholyodhin, Chief Creative Officer of Sansiri PLC.

The calming hues of ocean blue and white at The Peri Hotel Hua Hin draw in guests offset by pre-loved wooden floorboards that were once part of fishermen’s boats. The mood is inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s novel – ‘Old Man and the Sea’.  Guests come together at our modern take on a traditional mess hall ‘Chow Lay’ (meaning fishermen, in Thai), where friends and family can pick out and enjoy freshly caught seafood, grilled to perfection or in a seafood steamboat hotpot. The homestyle cooked congee with freshly caught crab are also not to be missed. Chow Lay and the hotel’s Tiki bar, ‘Mālō’ (Samoan for hello) are open to both guests and visitors who are also welcome to drop by. Kite-surfing and seaside horseback riding are two of the not to be missed activities in Hua Hin.

The Peri Hotel Khao Yai embraces the lush forest landscapes with a layered aesthetic inspired by the film ‘Out of Africa’. Chow Barn (meaning villager, in Thai), our smokehouse and grill, features traditional live fire cooking. The restaurant is set within the surrounding wilderness giving guests the experience of eating at a campground (albeit a beautifully designed one with an attentive staff to cook and serve). Diners are invited to pick their own vegetables at the hotel’s organic farm. The property’s E-sarn Soul Cafe invites guests and visitors to sit around well into the evening, or early morning. Where new friends become old friends. Guests are also welcome to cycle (using bikes provided by the hotel) or hike through the National Park’s endless kilometers of trails, as well as visit and make offerings to the monks at the neighboring forest temples.

The Peri Hotel Hua Hin and The Peri Hotel Khao Yai are both available for live bookings from August 1st, 2020, for stays starting in October 2020, with a special opening rate of 2,280 THB per night (discounted from 4,500 THB) and an additional 20% discount on dining (offer ends August 31, 2020). For additional details please visit or the Facebook page at