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Samujana perfectly suited for the new Travel Trends – Longer Stays, Experience Based and Being in Nature


Tourism in 2021 is set to see longerstays for guests that want to isolate safely and for more extended periods. Governments are permitting workers to accrue time off from the ‘year of the pandemic’.Travellers want to journey in an increasingly connected way and learn skills that their ancient forefathers possessed; leading to a better understanding of the world. The beloved late King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej was famed for his love of nature, animals and people. He led his people from a life of poverty to “having enough to eat and live on” and ultimately to “eating well and living well”.

There will be a rise in experiential travel and travelers will want to ensure they are really experiencing all that a destination has to offer. In Koh Samui traverse off-road tracks, steep hills or sandy shores and discover hidden Buddha’s, mysterious statues and secret gardens that are cocooned by ancient jungle. Tropical rains give waterfalls life as bubbling waters cascade through towering rockfaces and into cooling pools.

Further out to sea is Ang Thong National Marine Park, a pristine archipelago of 42 islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Towering limestone mountains rise from white-sandy beaches and thick jungle that seemingly safeguard little coves and refreshing lakes. The protected park boasts over 100 sq km of abundant biodiversity that can be peacefully explored by snorkelling and diving, hiking or sea kayaking. The experienced captains are familiar with concealed bays on less-visited islands such as Koh Tan and Koh Rap.

Samujana is a peaceful resort of villas that is enveloped by jungles, rolling hills and the Gulf of Siam. As the world dreams of exotic and far-flung travel destinations from their armchairs, the team at the resort is working tirelessly to ensure that, when borders open and aeroplanes once again traverse the skies, their guests are safe.

There is an empathetic team at the resort who understand the concerns of guests emerging from an unprecedented period of confinement and the ‘headlight’ anxiety that the global lockdown has instilled. General Manager, John Dopere is working diligently with his team to create a healthier approach to this crisis and improve sustainability within the resort.  Already the new, organic gardens that are nourished with manure from a local elephant sanctuary are bursting with fresh produce.

Samui Elephant Haven is the most significant ethical sanctuary on Koh Samui with 12 resident and eight ‘foster’ elephants that live happily in their reserve. Due to the loss of tourism, there have been no funds to feed these gentle giants.  Samujana has partnered with the Haven to create a community farm, that will not only help feed impoverished local communities but the waste products from the staple banana, pineapple and corn crops will, in turn, feed the elephants. Win-win.

The villas at Samujana are ideal for small groups of friends and families. The butlers ‘at home’ offer discreet service and absolute privacy for everyone. Talented chefs take guests on exquisite farm-to-table gastronomy journeys from the open terraces that possess extraordinary views of the island and twinkling turquoise waters beyond.

Samujana personal butlers are all well acquainted with Koh Samui, its hidden attractions, idyllic coves and the surrounding national parks and islands.  Each butler has access to an extraordinary black book of contacts that they can draw upon to create a magical journey that avoids any gatherings. The personal butler will sustainably-pack exquisite cuisine that will feed the soul and nourish an appetite. With a fun open-top jeep, the journey begins.

“We encourage you to keep dreaming about this beautiful part of Koh Samui. Nature is taking over, and turtles once again return to nest on nearby beaches, eagles soar high above the resort, and we start forest and permaculture farming. In our new future, we will help you create healthy new memories”.