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Huawei Advocates Striding Towards an Intelligent World and Extending Business Frontiers

Huawei’s Carrier BG President Li Peng spoke today at Huawei’s MWC Barcelona 2023 Day 0 Forum on how 5G was opening the door to an intelligent world and how the leap to 5.5G would be a key milestone along this journey.

Li emphasized that the industry had to work together to move faster towards an ultra-broadband, green, and intelligent world, and that Huawei’s GUIDE business blueprint could help lay the foundation for this important achievement.

The physical and digital worlds are growing ever closer as the effects of digital and intelligent transformation become increasingly more prevalent in our workplaces, our homes, and our personal lives. Many carriers have responded to the increasing demand in these areas for higher-quality experiences and higher productivity, subsequently pushing the ICT industry further forward.

Connectivity+ is key to prosperous 5G development

By the end of 2022, more than 230 5G networks had already been commercially deployed, supporting over one billion 5G users and a multitude of 5G devices, with 5G driving rapid development in the ICT industry. In the consumer market, carriers have also been innovating to extend “Connectivity+”. As 5G capabilities continue to improve, leading carriers in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East have scrambled to develop different kinds of digital services. Some carriers have converged connectivity with local OTT services, which allows them to achieve shared success. These offerings bundle connectivity with digital services like social media, helping them grow into a one-stop digital service provider.

The home market has also become an area where carriers can generate more value as 5G and fiber penetration continues to grow. As a result, carriers are widening “Connectivity+” for better experiences, better services, and more efficient O&M. Premium home broadband services, like 5G FWA, and 10G PON have expanded faster than expected, helping carriers in certain regions, including Europe and the Middle East, increase ARPU by 30% to 60%.

Moving faster into an ultra-broadband, green, and intelligent world

Moving forward, the intelligent world will be deeply integrated with the physical world. Everything, including personal entertainment, work, and industrial production, will be intelligently connected. This means that networks will have to evolve from ubiquitous Gbps to ubiquitous 10 Gbps, connectivity and sensing will need to be integrated, and the ICT industry will have to shift its focus from energy consumption to energy efficiency. The evolution from 5G to 5.5G will be key to meeting these growing requirements.

Huawei is ready to work with its industry partners to deliver ubiquitous 10 Gbps experiences with innovative wireless, optical, and IP technologies; explore use cases like vehicle-road collaboration and environment monitoring to integrate sensing and communication; and build a unified energy efficiency indicator system to drive green industry development.

Extending Business Frontiers and Striding to a 5.5G Era

Huawei aims to work with carriers and industry partners around the world to further the evolution of ICT infrastructure, lay the foundation for the 5.5G era, and build on the success of 5G for even greater prosperity.

At the event, Huawei presented five major characteristics of the 5.5G era: 10 Gbit/s experience, all-scenario IoT, integrated sensing and communication, Level 4 autonomous driving network, and green ICT.

Technological innovation in the 5.5G era will bring operators a 10-fold increase in network performance over 5G:

Ÿ   10 times higher speeds: The peak rates experienced by mobile and home broadband users will increase from 1 Gbit/s to 10 Gbit/s, ensuring better experiences in immersive and interactive services.

Ÿ   10 times more connections: Passive IoT technology enables an increase in the number of connected things from 10 billion to 100 billion.

Ÿ   10 times more deterministic: There will be a 10-fold improvement in latency, positioning accuracy, and reliability.

Ÿ   10 times higher energy efficiency: CO2 emissions per terabyte of data transmitted on a mobile network will be reduced by up to 10 times.

Ÿ   10 times more intelligent: Autonomous driving networks (ADN) will be upgraded from level 3 to level 4 autonomy, with 10 times more efficient network O&M.

5.5G can help operators open up five new business frontiers and drive a 100-fold increase in new business opportunities.

Huawei commits to using 5G to empower digital Thailand

In Thailand, Huawei has committed to jointly drive Thailand towards becoming the digital hub of ASEAN and will push forward intelligent industries, starting with the development of 5G technology to enable more connectivity, which Huawei believes is a basic human right that will help drive social progress. Huawei will use fiber technology to bridge everyone into the digital world. In addition, Huawei will expand 5G coverage in rural areas this year and will be working with partners to provide high-quality and affordable 5G services.

At this year’s MWC, together with operators and industry partners around the world, Huawei called upon the whole industry to follow the GUIDE business blueprint to accelerate 5G prosperity and make fast strides towards an ultra-broadband, green, and intelligent world together.

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