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“Inspiring Girls Expands Global Reach with Launch in Thailand “

Inspiring Girls, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls, has officially launched in Thailand as part of its global mission to create an inclusive environment where girls can learn and grow for their personal and professional development through its resources, school programs, and workshops. The organization focuses on inspiring girls to pursue their dreams with confidence and develop visions for their future careers.

Established in the United Kingdom in 2016, this marks the organization’s expansion into its 34th country worldwide. Country Chairs spearhead Inspiring Girls activities, organizing events, collaborating with volunteers, and providing platforms for local role models. This approach ensures that efforts are finely tuned to address the specific issues affecting girls in that country. The Inspiring Girls journey began in 2013 in the UK when Miriam González Durántez partnered with the Education and Employers charity to launch ‘Inspiring Women,’ a successful campaign connecting girls with female role models, boasting over 24,000 British volunteers. By 2016, Miriam expanded her vision with ‘Inspiring Girls International’ to empower girls worldwide.

Similarly, the newly launched Thailand chapter aims to be rooted in the belief that real change for girls is driven by women who understand their unique challenges. With this in mind, the goal is to implement the campaign locally, ensuring that it resonates with girls in Thailand.

Julie Cancelloni, Chair and Director of Inspiring Girls Thailand, emphasizes, ‘We create meaningful connections between girls and accomplished women, as well as corporate partners, through impactful and sustainable programs and workshops. I believe in the incredible power of having role models in life and hope that our next generations can reach their full potential through the lessons and inspiration we offer.'”

Julie Cancelloni brings decades of experience as a volunteer in childhood education and has also worked for Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide, a business platform that supports women in their business growth. She adds, ‘Inspiring Girls truly connects the dots for me – supporting women in business involves inspiring girls to become future business leaders and address gender equality issues. The aim is to broaden the horizons of the next generation, raising their aspirations and dreaming bigger, without limiting themselves. Thailand is already a supportive society where women are encouraged in leadership roles, and Inspiring Girls will bring the supportive resources to help them reach even greater heights.

Inspiring Girls Thailand plans to collaborate with other like-minded NGOs to create mutual synergies and have a wider impact on girls in Thailand. They will organize career talks and workshops with local schools focused on education and skill development. Additionally, with the goal of helping corporate partners achieve their CSR goals in diversity & inclusion and long-term sustainability, Inspiring Girls will organize company tours and joint workshops with their corporate partners, giving students the opportunity to experience the real corporate world and create pathways for internship opportunities.

Jim Thompson is the first corporate partner for Inspiring Girls Thailand and volunteered to invite 50 students to their headquarters for a company tour and workshop. Additionally, they sponsored the ‘Women in Business’ cocktail event on September 7th, hosted by Inspiring Girls Thailand, at their newly opened OSS bar. The event served as a platform to connect with potential role models and partners, introduce its mission, and discuss future collaborations. In attendance were several local women business leaders from diverse sectors, offering opportunities for networking.

Adds Ms. Cancelloni, “Big thanks to Jim Thompson for supporting the launch of its organization and providing workshops for the Inspiring Girls after-school program for students. Given our commitment to community engagement and promoting diversity and inclusion, our aspiration is to collaborate with numerous corporations that share our mission. These partnerships will empower us to inspire and provide support to a greater number of girls in Thailand.”
The initiative has received praise and support from various quarters. H.E. Ms Sibille de Cartier d’Yves, Ambassador of Belgium to Thailand who attended the networking event shares, “Efforts like Inspiring Girls are crucial – there’s a real need for this kind of programme all over the world, including in Thailand. In terms of diplomacy, I’m happy to participate and see how we can contribute by connecting with the Thai network of diplomats and involving strong women from our business community. Among more than 85 ambassadors here, we have fewer than 15 women, highlighting that there’s work to be done to achieve gender balance in this field. A key challenge is extending these programmes beyond Bangkok. As a mentor, I’m happy to contribute, though I must admit that not speaking Thai limits my outreach to English-speaking children or through translation. Our embassy, perhaps in collaboration with UN programmes, could help extend the reach of these initiatives. We’ve been running a yearly ‘Ambassador for a Day’ initiative that has proven to be an inspirational tool, and we always value feedback to improve. The idea is to start somewhere, and I’m sure these initiatives can mature as they are implemented in Thailand.”
Equally encouraging is Nathawan Kosolwongse, Managing Director at Boots, the first female and the first Thai national to lead Boots in the UK,”As the first female managing director of retail in my company, I feel the responsibility and share the interest in shaping future female leaders. In my generation, the approach to understanding what career paths were available was very different and quite limited, especially for women. Social perceptions often confined us to a short list of ‘acceptable’ careers. Programmes like Inspiring Girls can be a game changer, offering young girls and their parents exposure to a variety of careers and life paths. My advice to young girls stepping into adulthood would be to have courage and be honest with yourself. Try different things until you find what resonates with you; sometimes you might find you’re good at something you didn’t initially think you’d like. Our company itself offers a broad range of career options, making it an ideal partner for programmes that aim to inspire young girls.”
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Inspiring Girls Thailand invites women from all walks of life to become role models, sharing their knowledges and experiences to empower the next generation.
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