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Kapuhala Debuts New Training Resort and Farm in Koh Samui

Kapuhala today announced the opening of Kapuhala Koh Samui Tropical Farm and Training Retreat on Samui Island, marking the debut of the Kapuhala brand in Thailand.

The stunning new boutique resort features 5 Tented Villas and 4 detached Seaview “Farmhouses”, offering scenic views of Chaweng Noi. The Tented Villas are thoughtfully designed using multiple layered panels, enabling guests to seamlessly blend the serene outdoors with the comfortable indoors.. Tented Villas are purposeful positioned to face the rising sun, encouraging guests to wake up with the natural sunlight, optimizing adrenal function, encouraging natural melatonin production, enhancing their circadian rhythm and promoting vitamin D absorption. The eco-conscious design of the semi-permanent Tented Villas means they can easily be deconstructed and relocated, with a minimal residual ecological damage to the natural environment.

“We are thrilled to open our Kapuhala Koh Samui Tropical Farm and Training Retreat in this truly amazing destination,” said Crystal Lee, Director at Kapuhala.

“With a focus on creating life-enhancing experiences through fitness, nutrition and social living, we believe our thoughtfully-curated holistic experiences will empower our guests to optimize their athletic and cognitive performance, and also to become more attuned to their surroundings, connecting with the people around them.”

“As a company we believe that brands needs to take responsibility for their actions, instead of uncompromisingly adopting a profit first mentality. We understand the environmental impact of resorts which is why we designed the retreat as ecologically responsible as possible, with green initiatives such as serving plant-based food only, no single use plastic, minimizing food waste, composting and farming our own ingredients when possible.

Kapuhala’s well-being approach starts in the kitchen and expands across the fitness facilities and daily schedule, offering a sunrise to sunset wellness program.

Fasted Fitness Routines, Spartan Training and Daily Functional Training
Guests are encouraged to exercise in a fasted state to greatly accelerate your body’s ability to burn fat and over time improve your athletic performance and increase energy levels. . To help you adapt to a different routine, guest will have the option of enjoying their breakfast at after breaking their fast at noon. This practice fosters a state of autophagy, promotes mental clarity and improves body mass ratio. Fitness classes, particularly strength training are also offered in the afternoon when the body temperature is at its highest and muscle performance is at its best, leading to optimised gains and decreased risk of injury.

The resort offers an indoor fitness studio with functional training equipment for strength, resistance and high-intensity interval training, as well as yoga; 25-metre outdoor swimming pool with an unobstructed ocean view as well as specialised equipment for guests preparing for triathlons and other competitive races such as Spartan Race.

100% Plant-Based Restaurant with on-property farm
True to its eco-commitment, the retreat features a strictly plant-based restaurant. Halapua is Koh Samui’s first high-end gourmet restaurant that is uncompromisingly plant-based, with a gastronomic ethos that celebrates fresh, local and vibrant produce. The refined plant-based cuisine features an entire menu made with just-picked seasonal ingredients that are either grown on-site at Kapuhala’s natural farm and microgreens greenhouse, or sourced from neighbouring local farms.

Wellness-Enhancing Services to Optimise Circadian Rhythm
Guests’ typical daily schedule is well considered to maximise their wellness, for example:

Immediate exposure to natural sunlight
Guests wake up with the sun due to tented villas positioning and as a result optimising adrenal function, encouraging natural melatonin production, enhancing guests’ circadian rhythm and promoting vitamin D absorption.

Sunbathing Breakfast
Breakfast is served outdoors as light exposure is key to triggering the realignment of circadian rhythm

Warming and cleansing juices
Juices including fresh ginger are offered at the start of the day to encourage the body to warm to an optimal temperature as soon as possible

Sleep Hygiene Promoting Rituals
Restorative yin yoga is offered to close dinner, preparing the body for a restful sleep

Meditation for Mindful Eating
Relaxation and guided meditation is offered to promote a mindful connection to digestion, lower inflammation and activate the parasympathetic system (rather than being in the sympathetic zone)

Minimal Lighting and Digital Detox
Tented villas offer a minimalist interior design without blue light-emitting screens to avoid light pollution and to promote sleep. Guests are encouraged to ‘switch off’ and embrace a ‘digital detox’ lifestyle

Social Gatherings at the Rooftop Lounge
All guests are encouraged to come up to the lounge every evening to socialise and spend time in the company of others. Making connections with people and avoiding isolation increases the release of endorphins.

Hub for Intelligence
Kapuhala Koh Samui invites health, wellness and fitness experts to share their knowledge at monthly enrichment talks. The resort also offers a dedicated co-working space for those who wish to work whilst in their best state of mind – ‘we expect guests will have better, clearer minds whilst at Kapuhala Koh Samui and will want to capitalize on this heightened mental performance’, observes Crystal Lee. To see upcoming events please visit:

Events & Promotions

As a special opening offer guests can enjoy a 30% discount when booking from 18 December 2019 until 31 May 2020 when booking directly through Kapuhala.

Prices start at USD$200 per night, including breakfast.

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