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Kim Sejeong 1st CONCERT TOUR ‘The 門’ is about to arrive in Bangkok!!

Kim Sejeong, singer and star of the Korean drama “Business Proposal”, is set to debut her 2023 KIM SEJEONG 1st CONCERT TOUR ‘The 門’ IN BANGKOK on Saturday 4th November. With the popularization of the Korean drama “Business Proposal,” attention has been drawn to the performance of Kim Sejeong. Many people have come to know this actress, and recently, with the release of “The Uncanny Counter 2,” Kim Sejeong’s popularity continues to rise. Beyond being a hotshot actress, the multi-talented Kim Sejeong is also a creatively inclined singer and dancer!

From her her beauty, kindness, and strong abilities, whether it’s singing, dancing, personal character, or even acting, she possesses a certain level of talent. Therefore, she has been bestowed with the title of “GOD Sejeong.” Currently, she is busy preparing for her new album and her first solo concert tour. With the release of the album ‘Door’, Kim Sejeong has also embarked on her first world concert tour. Kim Sejeong will meet with Thai SESANG with her brand-new album on November 4th.

The “2023 KIM SEJEONG 1st CONCERT TOUR ‘The 門’IN BANGKOK” tickets will be available for purchase on Ticketmelon.com website starting from September 26th at 12pm. There are three ticket categories: VIP priced at 6000 BAHT, ZONE1 at 5000 BAHT, and ZONE2 at 3600 BAHT (all seats are assigned). Sejeong has also prepared many fan benefits, including SENF-OFF for all fans, Group photos for 300 fans (15 people per group), 100 Signed Posters, and 20 Polaroid Selfies. For detailed event information, please follow @oct.entertainment for updates.


✦Date|4 NOV. 2023 (SAT)


✦Venue|Thunder Dome

✦Price| 6000 BAHT / 1 5000 BAHT /2 3600 BAHT

✦buy Ticket|https://www.ticketmelon.com/imc/ksjbkk23

Tickets will be available starting from September 26th, 2023 12pm on Ticketmelon.

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