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Laos’ Safe & Sustainable Star: Tad Yeuang Waterfall

Tad Yeuang Waterfall in Southern Laos won the ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Award (ASTA) in January 2022 for developing a safe and sustainable tourist attraction around the natural site. The falls and market at the entrance are already attracting foreign visitors and community vendors just 2.5 months after the country reopened.

Tad Yuang Bolaven Champasak

Visitors to “Tad Gneuang”, located about 45 minutes from Pakse, enter a colourful local market with stalls and shops upgraded by the community. They are also selling their organic vegetables and fruit, local products and crafts, and popular Bolaven Plateau coffee.

Tad Yuang Bolaven ChampasakPhoto by MEGAWORLD ASIA

A Lao restaurant with a Champi River view sits at the end of the market. A few more steps land at a footbridge that leads to a picnic area on a river island just before the waters take the 42-meter plunge over the edge of Tad Yeuang.

Tad Yuang Bolaven Champasak

The market’s end also marks the beginning of a steep downhill trail with some steps and handrails that follow alongside Tad Yeuang and its rocky, misty pool.

Tad Yuang Bolaven ChampasakPhoto by MEGAWORLD ASIA

About midway along the forested path, a covered viewpoint presents a break in the greenery that opens to a photo-worthy angle of the falls. It also allows hikers to reassess their plans to continue, as the steep walk down requires an uphill climb to return. Also, while Tad Yeuang gushes in all its glory during Green Season (May-October), the rain can make the trail sloppy.

Tad Yuang Bolaven ChampasakPhoto by MEGAWORLD ASIA

The community has built a new viewing stand at the bottom of the falls, which offers a more direct perspective. Visitors can sit back and soak up the natural scene or take postcard-perfect photos and memorable selfies. Those with drones can launch their crafts for overhead shots. Others can sit on boulders and soak their feet in the Champi River as it flows onto Tad Fane Waterfalls. And then it’s time for the uphill hike back.

Tad Yuang Bolaven Champasak


Tad Yeuang Wins ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Award

In January, Tad Yeuang brought home an ASTA from the 2022 ASEAN Tourism Forum in Cambodia. The award, every two years, recognizes the successful implementation of ASEAN’s Tourism Strategic Plan 2016-2025.

Tad Yeuang won the ASTA by successfully developing a sustainable tourist attraction at the falls. The 2022 ASTA theme was “Safe Tourism”, showing that Tad Yeuang took all necessary precautions to provide a safe experience.

During the Lao Thiao Lao domestic tourism campaign, the local community significantly improved the site in 2020-2021. These include upgrading the viewpoints, adding a picnic area, creating a safer trail, and refurbing the market area. Provincial authorities also took Covid-19 prevention measures to ensure visitors’ safety.

Getting to Tad Yeuang

Tad Yuang Bolaven ChampasakClick on the photo for Google Map.

From Pakse

The drive from Pakse to Tad Yeuang takes about 40 minutes. Leave Pakse on Route 13 South to the 8 Km Bus Terminal and turnoff onto Route 16 East. Take the well-paved (partial tollway) 4-lane road past Tad Fane at Km 38 and the Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative about 2 km before reaching the right-hand turn to Tad Yeuang. Turn down the dirt road to the parking area and Tad Yeuang Market. Transportation providers and travel agents in Pakse offer transportation and tours in vans and cars.

From Tad Fane

Continue east on Route 16 for about 2 km. Pass the Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative, and the right turn to Tad Yeuang is about 250 meters further.

From Paksong

Head west on Route 16 for 12 km (about 15 minutes). The sign for Tad Yeuang is on the left.

Tourism & Hospitality Businesses in Pakse Town


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Tourism & Hospitality Businesses on the Bolaven Plateau


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How to Get to Pakse

*Note: Schedules and frequencies are constantly changing. Please directly contact the airlines for the most current schedule. The schedules/frequencies below are as of 1 July 2022.

Flights from Vientiane

Lao Airlines: One daily flight in the morning

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Written by: Bernie Rosenbloom

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