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Leading Doctors in Wellness and Aesthetic Medicine Launch “CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin” Aiming to Embrace the Global Wellness Tourism Trend and Drive Thailand towards the World’s Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations

Thailand’s leading medical specialists launched “CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin,” the latest Wellness Innovation destination, to move forward into the premium medical wellness market.

In collaboration with InterContinental Hua Hin Resort, CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin exclusively developed comprehensive 6-star wellness and beauty programs that include meal courses and an accommodation package at the world-class beachfront resort. Aiming to create a one-stop health and beauty vacation destination, the medical center is the perfect high-end getaway to restore health, heal the mind and enhance beauty from the inside out. All programs are designed by Thailand’s renowned team of specialists, spearheaded by Dr. Ratkawin Jitawatanarat, an American Board of hematology and medical oncology and anti-aging specialist. With the launch of CHEVALA, the team aims to drive Hua Hin and Thailand towards the world’s top five medical and wellness destinations.

The seasoned medical team developed CHEVALA when they saw the opportunity to contribute to the country’s growing medical and wellness tourism sector. The global wellness industry has enjoyed multi-trillion-dollar success in past years. Global Wellness Index (GWI) predicted that the wellness economy will return to its robust growth as the world emerges from the pandemic, projecting 9.9% average annual growth, with the wellness economy reaching nearly USD 7.0 trillion in 2025.

In Thailand, the medical tourism sector makes up 15% of the country’s entire tourism industry, according to the Ministry of Public Health. The growing sector also enjoys an annual growth rate of 7.5% in Thailand. Medical tourism now ranks 4th among Thailand’s top tourism markets, trailing behind nature, food, and cultural tourism. International Healthcare Research Center (IHRC) reported that Thailand ranks 5th among the world’s largest medical tourism industries and ranks Asia’s 6th in the Medical Tourism Index (MTI), thanks to its readiness to serve medical tourists and world-recognized healthcare service. The launch of CHEVALA is also in line with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)’s campaign to empower Thailand to become the ‘Medical and Wellness Resort of the World’ by 2024. CHEVALA is positioned to meet new market demands and serve the needs of the growing health and wellness lifestyle.

Mr. Suwat Liptapanlop, Former Deputy Prime Minister, who presided over the grand opening ceremony of CHEVALA, said, “The launch of CHEVALA is such an important milestone for Hua Hin. The city has long been a favorite beachfront getaway among Thais and tourists alike. Hua Hin is ready to be a driver for the Thailand Riviera initiative, the project to develop the Kingdom’s coastline into a world-class resort seacoast similar to the French Riviera and Italian Riviera. Surrounded by excellent facilities, the city has a high potential to serve various types of tourism: ecotourism, cultural and historical tourism, and sports tourism, as well as medical and wellness tourism, the world’s current megatrend. The launch of CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin helps strengthen Hua Hin’s position as an excellent wellness hub that is all set to serve tourists’ various needs. The new medical center will help elevate the city as a premium destination while contributing towards the country’s sustainable economic development.”

Speaking at the press conference, Dr. Ratkawin Jitawatanarat, an American Board of hematology and medical oncology and anti-aging specialist, explained the concept behind the development of CHEVALA. “CHEVALA was developed because we realized that Thailand never had a fully integrated evidence-based medical wellness center that provides a truly comprehensive body and mind healing experience by medical specialists. Therefore, we created ‘CHEVALA’ to become the ultimate medical hub that promotes all aspects of well-being. The center combines medical expertise, science-backed technology, and luxurious wellness practices to create tailor-made healthy living programs for each customer. Apart from the medical programs, we also offer hearty chef-prepared meals and exercise courses with certified trainers for an all-inclusive health program. At CHEVALA, safety and visible results are our top priority. Our center uses only world-class equipment and innovative technology. Each program, requiring screenings and consultation with specialists, is designed to meet the unique needs of each individual. Our team of medical specialists and staff is looking forward to providing the best-in-class service to help customers restore their body, mind, and soul.”

“CHEVALA” is located in the heart of Hua Hin at Bluport Mall, only steps away from InterContinental Hua Hin Resort. The center is setting a new standard for medical wellness retreats. Unlike most wellness centers, each program at CHEVALA includes the doctor’s consultation throughout the entire journey to help monitor patients’ health and address their unique concerns. The impressive facility is equipped with the latest medical innovations to ensure results from the first treatment.

“There is a great potential for Thailand’s health and wellness sectors, with more tourists flying in to seek medical and wellness treatment. Not only is Thailand home to internationally recognized expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, but it also offers competitive service prices, stunning nature, and beautiful cultural attractions. The country is already among Asia’s Top Ten medical hubs. The alliance between Proud Group and leading medical specialists is our move to offer new services that continue to meet the new demands of our customers,” she concluded.

“There is a huge potential for Hua Hin in medical tourism thanks to its international reputation as one of the world’s top beach destinations. In the first half of 2022 (January – May), Prachuap Khiri Khan province welcomed 3.6 million international and local tourists, increasing by 200% year-on-year. The province also ranked Top 3 on Thailand’s top destination list, generating revenue of 12.352 billion Baht. We believe this partnership is a stepping stone for Thailand’s journey toward becoming a world-class wellness destination. The project is part of our contribution to Thailand’s economic recovery through wellness tourism.”

CHEVALA targets two customer groups 1) Non-guest health and beauty enthusiasts who travel to or live in Hua Hin and surrounding areas and need a unique health and beauty experience. 2) InterContinental Hua Hin Resort’s international and local customers with healthy lifestyles who want to complete their short and long-term stay with health-related activities.Thailand’s medical tourism, which enjoys a spending growth rate of 25-27% per year, attracts tourists from the Middle East, South Asia, Europe, and the USA. Thailand has become one of the world’s top destinations when it comes to medical tourism. Thanks to the innovative medical and wellness program, CHEVALA will be a great addition to the Resort’s service portfolio to welcome more medical and wellness consumers, as well as long stay tourists.

Ms. Proudputh Liptapanlop, Executive Director of Proud Group, congratulated CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin at the grand opening event, “I would like to congratulate the great team of doctors, led by Dr. Ratkawin, on the successful launch of CHEVALA, a truly comprehensive medical and wellness hub here in Hua Hin. The city has high potential to attract local and international medical tourists. Hua Hin is a world-renowned seaside resort town with beautiful nature and clean air. It is a world-class beach city ideal for health and wellness hub. InterContinental Hua Hin Resort is delighted with the launch and pleased to partner with CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin as a good starting point to help drive Hua Hin and Thailand’s medical and wellness tourism growth. We will continue to do our part to support Hua Hin on its journey to become a top health and beauty vacation destination and Thailand’s pride.”

At the launch, CHEVALA introduced five personalized health and beauty programs for comprehensive health restoration designed by medical specialists: 1) Long Covid Recovery Program, 2) Anti-Aging Program, 3) Immune Booster, 4) Detoxification and 5) Cardiovascular Strengthening Program. This year’s highlighted program is the Long Covid Recovery Program, CHEVALA signature program, which aims to treat Long Covid symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath. The package includes Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) which involves breathing 100% pure oxygen. The therapy helps promote healing at the cellular level, revitalizing the energy level. Each program is fully customizable based on health checkup results and the doctor’s recommendations. The personalized program allows a deeper level of healing, focusing on the patient’s specific health concerns.  CHEVALA offers a half-day to 8-day medical and wellness journey to fully revive the body, mind, and soul.

“CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin” is now fully open to the public. Adjacent to InterContinental Hua Hin Resort, the new wellness innovation destination at Bluport Hua Hin Mall offers unique medical programs with next-level customer service. For more information, please visit www.chevala.com/th/, call 096 919 2190, or email info@chevala.com.

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