The Respectables An Exhibition Of Paintings By Richard Mead


Richard Mead’s exhibition of paintings that show people conducting themselves within their different environments – THE RESPECTABLES, is now officially open for public from today until 28 March 2016 at Neilson Hays Library, both in the Rotunda and the Garden Gallery of the library. Each painting in this exhibition comes with a brief statement by the artist. This sets the context, and tells why the subject interested him. Artist Richard Mead examines behaviour in our time of change. We all feel challenged by outsiders who seem to be intruding on our space.

Also, Richard Mead will be giving a 30minute presentation on his paintings in the galleries on Saturday 12th March, at 2pm, where open discussion and questions will take place.

Richard was born in the United Kingdom. He has taught, lectured, researched in several countries. He has designed for the theatre, written a novel, plays and several textbooks. He has explored different political parties and stood for Parliament in 1997. He has had two previous solo exhibitions, at the Rupa Gallery in Malaysia, and in 2014 at the RMA Institute, Bangkok. Recently he has been working in London to extend his drawing skills, and now based in Thailand, he paints in acrylics.

Richard is married to Kullada Kesboonchoo Mead, former Associate Professor. They have a son, local art school founder, Paron Mead. Visit his website at