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The Big Board – Thailand’s First Sports Bar for Digital Investment

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The CBD’s Newest Hangout Place for the New Generation.

The Big Board on the fifth floor of Mahanakhon CUBE has announced its launch as Thailand’s first Sports Bar for Digital Investment, offering stylish, state-of-the-art and fun ambiences with a wide range of services such as sports games, stock/cryptocurrency investment chart board, food and beverage and music. Scheduled for the official launch on April 2022, The Big Board aims to deliver memorable experiences to the new generation as the newest hangout place in the Central Business District (CBD).

In the fast-changing world, consumer behaviours are also rapidly transforming. A place to relax after work or take a break from freelancing jobs has become part of the new generation’s lifestyles. Therefore, a hangout place in the modern era must be adapted in response to lifestyle needs and changing technologies.

The Big Board, therefore, has been founded as a unique hangout place with an aim to serve the new generation’s lifestyle, especially with its unparalleled design and components of the bar on the CBD location of the famed Sathorn Road.

Thailand’s First Sports Bar
Thailand’s First Sports Bar

Highlights of The Big Board include a sports bar designed to welcome visitors from their first step into the place, as Thailand’s first bar that feature electronic boards of asset trades all over the world. Not just decorative items but they have a real-time function to support endless investment, especially for the cryptocurrency which has become popular among the new generation.

The Big Board’s hallway is remarkably decorated with patterns from the LED lights that make visitors feel like standing in the world of cutting-edge technologies before entering the bar to experience a variety of entertainment activities. Apart from the music which is the basis of The Big Board Bar, there are unique experiences to offer: the enjoyment of live sports around the world through a 200-inch projector screen that can accommodate more than 100 viewers simultaneously, the real-time updates of assets including stocks and cryptocurrencies from all over the world displaying an LED signs all over the bar, or even a co-working space for work meetings and business gatherings to make new connections

The investment data is provided by Zipmax, a cryptocurrency company that is The Big Board’s business alliance, also managing the slots in the game arcade which contains cryptocurrency game box, whisky pong table and so forth. The company is also an NFT art exhibitor that will feature online artists with rotating exhibitions throughout the year.

The CBD’s Newest Hangout Place for the New Generation
The CBD’s Newest Hangout Place for the New Generation

The Big Board also organizes several zones in different striking styles to serve the new-gen demands, such as Networking Table, Terrace, Stadium, Exchange Bar, 2 Private Lounge corners and 3 sections of VIP seats in the Bar’s best spot to watch various sports on a giant screen.

The total area of The Big Board can accommodate guests with its more than 100 seats, in addition to providing daily services for corporate, personal and special occasion activities such as online game competitions, parties and customer appreciation events.

Last but not least, food and beverage at The Big Board are finely served in the Twisted Modern Metro style under the concept of “Fun, Real, Grunge” to showcase a tasty menu from celebrated chefs and bartenders with their over 10 years of experience in designing and creating food and beverages which are harmoniously integrated into the ambience of the bar.

The Big Board is ready to deliver the ultimate hangout experience of the CBD to everyone starting from today with opening times from April 2022.

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Edited by: Joom Supaporn

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