Bangkok’s Newest Trend ‘Cloud Restaurants’


One of the more positive and creative things that COVID-19 has brought to Bangkok, is ‘Cloud Restaurants’.

Cloud Restaurants are basically exclusively takeaway restaurants. Restaurant owners cook the meals when orders come in a ‘Cloud Kitchen’ that has been set up to prepare food for multiple cuisines and brands, and then the meals are delivered to you using the delivery platform of choice.

So this begs the question – What’s the difference between that and the lady on the street that you call for Ka Prao Kai?

Your Ka Prao lady has a shop-front – albeit a rudimentary one. A Cloud Kitchen can be set up anywhere. It might even be hidden away in an industrial kitchen somewhere deep in an alley, or on the outskirts of town, and there is zero option to sit-in. Think of it like a live Distribution Centre.

Since the lockdown was announced a few months ago, many restaurants have had to shutter their doors permanently due to the fact that they can’t carry the burden of operational costs.

With a Cloud Kitchen, overheads are low, multiple brands can all work from one kitchen.

The revenue in the online food delivery market is expected to reach $137,596 million worldwide, by 2023. So, yes everyone is seeing an opportunity in this. As a result of that, we are seeing brands like bogo pasta entering Bangkok with this model.