Be healthy with ZEN

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ZEN Japanese restaurant launches a new menu “Salad Lover” for customers who love salad. The new menu is launched with 5 fresh salad menu including Yuzu Avocado Salad, Buta Chashu Salad, Yuzu Salmon Tataki Salad, ZEN Volcano Salad, and Salmon Spicy Yum Thai Salad. The new menu brings fresh vegetables from the farm to the table. The vegetables are full of nutrition and are served with ZEN’s special recipe salad dressing. The new salad menu will be available from 8 Aug to 15 Sep at every branch of ZEN restaurant.

Yuzu Avocado Salad priced at 190 Baht. This salad is filled with benefits from a variety of nutrients that are rich in good fats and antioxidants from avocado plus protein and vitamins from many kinds of vegetables. It is served with Yuzu salad dressing that tastes sweet and sour.

Buta Chashu Salad prices at 180 Baht. This salad with Chashu tender pork comes with an intense flavor topped with sesame seeds which are rich in protein, antioxidants, and multi-vitamin. This salad is served with ZEN’s special recipe dressing.

Yuzu Salmon Tataki Salad priced at 280 Baht. This Japanese authentic salad with grilled fresh salmon is served with sweet and tender topping. And, with salmon roe served with Yuzu salad dressing which tastes sweet and sour.

ZEN Volcano Salad priced at 250 Baht. Fried Kisu on a bed of fresh vegetable topping with crispy noodle and nori seaweed served with sesame dressing.

Salmon Spicy Yum Thai Salad priced at 230 Baht. Salmon fillet with eel sauce topped with white and black sesame. The nutrition is enriched with a variety of fresh vegetables served with Spicy Yum Thai salad dressing.

The 5 menus of “Salad Lover” will be available from 8 August until 15 September at every branch of ZEN restaurant. For more information please connect to our social media Facebook: Instagram: @Zen_restaurant and Line: @Zenrestaurant

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