Deliciousness abounds. There’s no need for a secret code! The Pizza Company launches a promotion with four new pizza flavors are now available at affordable prices starting at only 139 baht.

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The Pizza Company is launching a tremendous value promotion this summer, introducing four new pizza flavors to appeal to customers of all ages under the slogan “Deliciousness abounds.

There’s no need for a secret code!” at an unbeatable price. The cheapest tray costs only 139 baht. Each of the four new flavors has a lot of seasoning. They are packaged in a medium tray with 6 pieces. With the ‘Premium Chicken Sausage Pizza,’ you may choose between a thick, soft, or thin crust. Otherwise, choose to relive your childhood memories with the Pizza with Meatballs in Front of My Old School,’ or get a great deal with the Overflowing Bacon Pizza,’ which smells like smoky bacon. Finally, a unique new fusion one, ‘Chicken Satay Pizza,’ features aromatic spices and authentic taste, starting at only 169 baht per tray.

“The new pizza recipes are anticipated to appeal to individuals of all generations, resulting in a 25 percent increase in sales,” said Panusak Suesatboon, General Manager of The Pizza Company under the operation of The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited. “The Pizza Company has continued to arrange promotional activities and give promotions that attract consumers since the beginning of the year. In addition to being part of the marketing strategy, the brand’s major purpose is to give customers with fresh, delicious pizza made with the finest ingredients. For greater diversity, new flavours have been developed to fulfil the needs of all consumer groups.”

“Most importantly, The Pizza Company maintains a competitive pricing stance. Regardless of whether raw material prices rise, the brand will continue to maintain standards to ensure that consumers have access to products and services. Introducing new flavours is like presenting a gift of joy and deliciousness at a little cost. We always attach importance to the quality of raw materials as well as novel flavours to entice customers to try our new pizza recipe.”

Under the slogan, Deliciousness abounds. There’s no need for a secret code! The Pizza Company recently offered a deal for 6-piece medium-sized pizzas starting at only 139 baht. This offer includes the following four new pizza flavors:

  • The Premium Chicken Sausage Pizza is packed the finest Mexican sausages, which is nicely combined with fatty cheese and cut with paprika seasonings.
  • Next, to appease the older crowd, the Pizza with Meatballs in Front of My Old School will transport them back to their childhood with a gang of friends. The fiery chili sauce is as spicy as the meatball dipping sauce, and the sausages are chopped into bite-sized pieces. It’s the equivalent as standing and eating meatballs in front of a school.
  • The Overflowing Bacon Pizza smells like smoky bacon and is an excellent value menu with hefty seasonings, overflowing with toppings and flawlessly blended full-flavored cheese.
  • A unique new fusion recipe you’ve never seen before. The marinated chicken meat on the Chicken Satay Pizza is seasoned with aromatic spices for a truly authentic flavour. It’s topped with a sweet and tangy satay sauce. This is available for only 169 baht.

Furthermore, customers have the option of choosing between soft and thin dough.

“These four new recipes, which were released this time, are designed to appeal to a new generation of customers. Because there is something different and unique than ever before. You will never get bored with conventional pizza again, we assure it. It depicts the use of food recipes as a link to connect people of all generations in all forms, whether a single customer, couple, gang of school mates, or family. In addition to allowing customers to experience the great flavor of pizza, let The Pizza Company to contribute to making a good memory for customers through these pleasant moments,” said the general manager.

He said, “The Pizza Company brand keeps coming up with new dishes that people enjoy. We also want clients to stay informed about the brand’s activities while also focusing on value-for-money promotions – in the hopes of increasing sales by 25%.”

                From today until July 3, 2022, these four new flavors can be enjoyed in the hot summer sun without fear of not having a discount code at any of The Pizza Company’s locations nationwide. Customers can order delivery using The Pizza Company 1112 app, by calling 1112, or by visiting This promotion is also available for dine-in and takeaway service.

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