foodpanda Launches Pickup Feature for Restaurants with 15% discount on food


foodpanda, the first food ordering and delivery service provider in Thailand, launched pick-up service nationwide. The new service allows customers to order ahead, skip the line, and conveniently pick up their food within a span of 15 minutes. Pick-Up food service is available with no delivery fees and a 15% discount on all orders with no minimum order value. Currently over 40,000 restaurants are offering Pick-Up service on the platform.

The goal of the Pick-Up service is to make consumers’ lives easier when they are looking for a quick lunch in between meetings, picking up coffee for work, or dinner on the way home. With this new service, the delivery platform will be providing consumers with an alternative option. For restaurant partners a combination of pickup and delivery will offer an all-around integrated approach to effective distribution management.

To use this feature, consumers simply have to perform the following steps:

  1. Open the foodpanda app and select Pick-Up.
  2. Order food they love.
  3. Skip the queue and come and Pick-Up your food within 15 minutes.

“After thoroughly looking at industry data and user insights, we decided to launch the Pick-Up service. Our newest feature will give our users more flexibility in terms of getting their food — by skipping the long line at the restaurants, they now have the option of ordering through the foodpanda and collecting the food themselves. This is particularly convenient for those who want to take the food on their way somewhere else and do not want to waste any time waiting. It is also a great option for price-conscious consumers who want to save on delivery costs. Moreover, it will also allow our restaurant partners to efficiently manage their food orders as well as increase their daily customers”, said Alexander Felde, CEO of foodpanda.

“We are constantly adopting innovation and modifying our delivery platform according to our customer’s wants and needs. This Pick-Up service is an important step for foodpanda’s growth strategy”, he added.