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foodpanda releases an educational video to educate their riders

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foodpanda, the first food ordering and delivery service provider in Thailand is experiencing a 20 times increase in their food delivery compared with last year. The anxiety about the spread of the virus is encouraging people to avoid eating outside to escape the exposure by placing orders online. Amidst the crisis, the leading food ordering and delivery service giant believes that the brand holds a much higher responsibility during the crisis of COVID-19. To educate their riders, foodpanda has launched an informative video filled with humor to tell the riders how to protect themselves and the customers when they are going out to deliver the food. The video includes tips such as washing your hands, using a face mask, avoiding touching your face and eyes with dirty hands, taking additional vitamins and supplements and using hand sanitizers. The brand is also encouraging riders to visit the doctor if they do not feel well. The video also aims to tell the customers that each interaction with foodpanda’s staff is as safe as it can get.

Alexander Felde, CEO of foodpanda said, “The safety of our riders and customers is of utmost importance to us. We strongly believe that as an app-based food delivery service provider, we can make a huge impact. We have developed various safety policies and we will continue to do so to make our riders feel safe when they go out to deliver the food.”