foodpanda sets aside 35 million THB to support its customers, restaurants partners and riders


foodpanda, the first food ordering and delivery service provider in Thailand, has assigned 35 million baht to support their restaurant partners, riders and customers to fight COVID-19 in Thailand. The delivery service platform is currently experiencing at least 20 to 25 times increase in the order volume compared to same time last year. In this challenging situation foodpanda believes that the brand holds a much higher responsibility to its stakeholders.

The spread of COVID-19 resulted in significant and shattering impacts on Thailand’s restaurant industry and small scale SME merchants. foodpanda’s 35 million emergency support package will be used to help restaurant partners and riders with the following changes introduced as well:

   foodpanda has waived all sign-up fees for new restaurants joining the platform

  • Restaurants who want to register themselves on the platform can now do it online at
  • Users who pick up food at restaurants are entitled to a 15% discount until the end of the year

In order to support restaurants’ cashflow, as well as unlock additional revenue opportunities for partners, foodpanda is also committing to:

  • Implementing Weekly Payments to support restaurant partners’ liquidity and help them regulate the cash flow
  • Regularly distributing discount vouchers to draw more traffic towards small-scale food merchants
  • Investing in additional various on-going promotions for both new and existing customers
  • Offering free delivery on 99% of restaurants nationwide with the minimum order of 50 THB
  • Supporting loyal and trusted partners with delivery area extensions, special visibility, promotions and vouchers to help them reach more customers and boost delivery sales

Apart from these steps, foodpanda will continue to regularly communicate various precautionary measures to its customers, restaurant partners and riders via hygiene education online video. Customers are encouraged to make cashless transactions and opt for contactless delivery. To deal with the growing demand of food delivery during this sensitive time, the brand on an average is hiring 3000 riders every week and providing them with 250,000 masks, 200,000 gloves, 100,000 sanitizer spray for the bag, 60,000 alcohol gel for the hands and COVID-19 insurance, in case a rider tests positive.