The Pizza Company drops year-end happiness bomb: launches ‘Chick-A-Boom’ – new fried chicken brand, special recipe American fried chicken and 7 secret recipe mixed sauces – to reach New Generation Market

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The Pizza Company has created 2021 new-year trend with the launch of “Chick-A-Boom”, the new American fried chicken brand, that comes with a special recipe crispy fried chicken as a selling point and 7 special recipe sauces under the concept “It’s new, It’s different”, focusing on meeting the lifestyle of the new generation of consumers.

Chick-A-Boom comes with a highlighted menu “The Killer”, 4 chicken skewers at 499 baht, that content reviewers can’t miss. There are also three types of fried chicken sets to choose from: Chicka – 6 pieces of chicken at 169 baht, Chicka Chicka – 12 pieces of chicken at 289 baht, and Chicka Chicka Chicka – 18 pieces of chicken at 389 baht. Additionally, The Pizza Company launched “The Pizza Company Signature”, the new look of The Pizza Company with a new concept, to create an interesting dining experience at the restaurant, both in terms of the restaurant design and the new menu lines that are more premium than before, and to reach more teenagers. This marks a major change in the 21 years of the brand. The Pizza Company also expects to boost 10-15% on the overlook of sales growth of dine-in. Anyone interested can experience “Chic-A-Boom” and “The Pizza Company Signature” only at Seacon Square Srinakarin, 4th floor, Central Zone.

 Mr. Panusak Suesatboon, General Manager of The Pizza Company under the operation of The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited stated that The Pizza Company, apart from being the leader in pizza market, is also considered a pioneer and leader in fried chicken wing, including Korean chicken and BBQ chicken. Therefore, The Pizza Company, to reinforce being the King of Wing, launched Chick-A-Boom fried chicken, the new American fried chicken, under the concept “It’s new, It’s different” highlighting 7 new sauces. This is to create new experience of excitement and joy of new and unique taste for consumers with the blend of Western and Eastern style, tasting deliciousness from around the world in one place. The Pizza Company emphasizes on meeting consumer behaviors of teenagers and first jobbers, who loves challenges; as well as offering current customers a variety of dining options and enhancing their wish to return to the restaurant more often. This is to elevate customers dining experience in the restaurant to be livelier and full of fun and deliciousness than ever. In the future, “Chick-A-Boom” has a plan to expand the branch into its own specialty restaurants.

The special point of “Chick-A-Boom” fried chicken is the highlight menu that food lovers and content creators cannot miss, “The Killer”, a 4 giant chicken skewers with popular corndog for 499 baht. There is also a selection of menus for customers to choose from according to their likes by choosing the number of pieces of chicken (set), sauce and side dish they want. There are three sets of chicken to choose from including Chicka – 6 pieces of chicken at 169 baht, Chicka Chicka – 12 pieces of chicken at 289 baht, and Chicka Chicka Chicka – 18 pieces of chicken at 389 baht. As for the sauce, Chick-A-Boom invites customers to taste the deliciousness with 7 kinds of sauce, including 1.) Wimpy – garlic flavor sauce 2.) Honey Boom – the sweet and mellow taste of honey favorable by both children and adults, 3.) Smoky Bomb – smokey aroma sauce, 4.) Truffle – truffle sauce with authentic aroma, 5.) Buffalo – authentic American-style sauce with a tasty sour taste, 6.) Atomic – intense spicy and sweet sauce, and 7.) 7 Missiles – intense spicy sauce that spicy lovers cannot miss. Lastly, to close the fun with a side dish, including sticky rice, garlic butter rice, mashed potatoes, and sweet potato fries. There are also many new appetizers to order that are uniquely delicious.

At the same time, The Pizza Company advanced ahead creating the biggest change in 21 years with the expansion of a new line of restaurant “The Pizza Company Signature”, a new style of strategy no one has ever done, that has been developed to especially boost sales of dine-in service. This has been done through the change and elevating the quality of all original menus into premium quality menus under the concept “Good Food with Good Friends” by selecting and creating Western food menus to be more special with the combination of both Pizza-Meat-Cheese providing a variety of deliciousness all in one meal, meticulous from the selection of raw ingredients and cook with the utmost skill. Every dish is freshly cooked making it taste even more delicious. While the brand’s strength is still pizza, the highlight of “The Pizza Company Signature” is to bring a normal pizza and make it even more special, with the use of special flour from Napoli Pizza, the world’s first pizza, for everyone to taste the original taste. This type of pizza has a fragrant, thin, soft and chewy texture, and bubble crust. There are 17 new toppings to choose from, whether it’s a “must-try” authentic Italian topping like Parma ham, Burrata cheese or Truffle topping, that goes well with the Napoli style flour.

In addition, there is also another highlight, The Signature Pasta Show, where you can enjoy a show of pasta cooking in a big wheel of cheese when ordering Spaghetti with Truffle Cream Sauce at 259 baht or Chunky Smoked Bacon Carbonara at 269 baht. For vegetable lovers, there is, for the first time, a Signature Salad Show with fresh salad dressing, when ordering Caesar Salad and Chunky Smoked Bacon at 259 baht. There are also other menu items added to both savory and sweet giving customers more options to choose from. The Pizza Company has revamped the design of the restaurant with an atmosphere that feels comfortable making customers want to spend time with someone special, whether gathering with friends or family, dining-in for longer, or want to come back to the restaurant again and again.  For all the specialities of these menus including “Chick-A-Boom” fried chicken, everyone enjoys the taste of deliciousness at the restaurant from today onwards only at “The Pizza Company Signature” at Seacon Square Srinakarin, 4th  Floor, Center Zone.

“After the relief of the lockdown, customers are seeking their way back to dine-in at the restaurant, which The Pizza Company is one of the choices that can precisely answer the needs of the customers. This corresponds to the marketing strategy that aims to boost sales of dine-in, and if receives positive feedback from the customers, The Pizza Company has a plan to expand our business to boost strength in the future. Additionally, The Pizza Company still, together, emphasize on delivery service since this has the biggest market share in the country. We will continuously develop new menus throughout the year. For this, after the launch of “Chick-A-Boom” and ‘The Pizza Company Signature”, we expect to receive positive feedback and a higher number of customers, especially during the end of the year festive season that is suitable for dine-in at the restaurant in an atmosphere full of happiness and fun. It is estimated that sales from dine-in can grow by 10-15%,” Mr. Panusak concluded.

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