DMHT kicks off DRINKiQ campaign, with Thailand’s first-ever fact-based alcohol education online quiz

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Diageo Moët Hennessy (Thailand) or DMHT, the leader in premium alcohol beverages, today officially launched the DRINKiQ campaign, introducing the innovative DRINKiQ Quiz, Thailand’s first interactive online quiz about alcohol that lets consumers explore alcohol facts through ten concise questions that can be accessed anywhere across all screens and platforms. DMHT believes that in the current situation, the DRINKiQ Quiz and campaign will be the most suitable and direct way of getting across the message of responsible drinking. Using the right messaging can prompt consumer’s behavioural change. As shown in a recent online survey, many Thai people nationwide view drinkers as irresponsible but social influencing has the chance to change attitudes and behaviour extensively – promoting the concept of responsible drinking and making it more widespread.

Mr Jules Norton Selzer, Corporate Relations Director, Diageo Moët Hennessy (Thailand) or DMHT, said: “DMHT is excited to introduce Diageo’s own creation, the DRINKiQ Quiz, just before the New Year holiday, when Thais travel, celebrate and enjoy alcohol. We are committed to promoting positive drinking, and DMHT would like to encourage everyone to ‘Drink Better, Not More’, which means enjoying alcohol within limits so that it can be part of a balanced lifestyle. With effort from all of us, we can help tackle prolonged social concerns like drink-driving and health issues. We aim to reach 250,000 DRINKiQ quiz completions by 2030 to drive responsible drinking as one part of Diageo’s action plan ‘SOCIETY 2030: SPIRIT OF PROGRESS’.

To create an effective campaign, DMHT also carried out a nationwide online survey of drinkers and non-drinkers to learn about Thais’ attitudes and behaviours towards alcohol. A large majority of respondents (63% of non-drinkers and 48% of male drinkers) thought that Thai drinkers drink irresponsibly – with non-drinkers largely describing them as ‘dangerous’. Thai drinkers were best described as ‘social’ – aligning with the general belief that Thais drink to socialise, but also highlighting the negative perception about reckless alcohol consumption that needs to be addressed. On the other hand, Thais respond positively and are more likely to change their behaviour to meet their own social environment, and are also more likely to encourage others to become ‘better drinkers’ as a result. DMHT sees opportunity in these findings to use ‘social norms’ as a strategic approach to tackle bad drinking behaviours and promote sustainable responsible drinking within the campaign.

Everyone is invited to start learning more about alcohol and its effects through the DRINKiQ Quiz. Keep that promise to start drinking responsibly today, sharing photos posing with one hand raised and the other on your chest – share on social media using the hashtags #DRINKiQ and #DrinkBetterNotMore and challenge friends and loved ones to do the same to spread the word of responsible drinking. Consumers can also take part in the campaign through influencer marketing activities, online activities and on-ground activities by DMHT’s distributors.

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